Wrestlers finish sixth overall at Big Ole

Alexandria's Cole Ellison and Lucas Betterman both earned runner-up honors at the 40th annual Big Ole wrestling tournament Saturday as the Cardinal team finished sixth overall.

Lucas Betterman
Echo Press photo by Lori Mork Alexandria's Lucas Betterman (top) finished as the runner-up in the 152-pound weight class in the Big Ole Tournament on Saturday. Betterman fell to Moorhead's Ben Gaughan by a 7-3 score in the finals. Cole Ellison also finished second at 145 pounds for Alex.

Alexandria's Cole Ellison and Lucas Betterman both earned runner-up honors at the 40th annual Big Ole wrestling tournament Saturday as the Cardinal team finished sixth overall.

The Cardinals also saw Ross Carlson and Andy Bouressa finish third, Kyle Fulghum and Nick Hammje were fourth, Zach Carlson, Anthony Hubbard and Anthony Hubbard finished fifth and Tristan Johnson, Brian Eipperle and Dillon Schauff sixth.

The tournament was somewhat abbreviated after some schools pulled out of the tournament due to a potential skin virus.

Frazee captured the team title as six Hornet wrestlers earned individual titles. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg was second and brought five individual wrestling titles back home.




TEAM SCORES - 1. Frazee (FRA) 239, 2. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (KMS) 200.5, 3. Moorhead (MHD) 158, 4. Rocori (ROC) 143, 5. Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 127, 6. Alexandria (ALX) 109.5.

103 lbs - First - Trevor Stilke (FRA) pinned Kurt Timmons (KMS) 3:28, Third - Josh Lawson (WDC) pinned Sam Waln (WDC) 3:49, Fifth - Zavier Gropper (ROC) pinned Tristan Johnson (ALX) 1:31.

112 lbs - First - Mitch Steffens (WDC) pinned Zach Carlson (KMS) 0:32, Third - Hunter Lafraniere/Sorenson (FRA) pinned Mitch Moe (MHD) 3:26.

119 lbs - First - Jordan Kohler (FRA) pinned Zach Bemu (WDC) 2:44, Third - Jacob Rositas (MHD) maj. Dec. Nate Ness (ROC) 10-2, Fifth - Kyle Baker (KMS).

125 lbs - First - Jordan Rothers (KMS) dec. Brock Tallackson (MHD) 8-2, Third - Dylan Gertken (ROC) dec. John Duel (FRA) 5-2, Fifth - Zach Carlson (ALX).

130 lbs - First - Klinton VanHeuvln (KMS) dec. Wade Hukriede (FRA) 5-3, Third - Jordan Rentz (WDC) pinned James Golling (MHD) 2:28, Fifth - Tony Phillips (ROC) dec. Brian Eipperle (ALX) 3-2.

135 lbs - First - Rij Koehnen (FRA) dec. Tyler Carlson (KMS) 7-6, Third - Tim Soldner (ROC) dec. Mike Zupan (MHD) 11-7, Fifth - Anthony Hubbard (ALX).


140 lbs - First - Chase Morlock (MHD) dec. Cody Piper (FRA) 9-3, Third - Jessie Engler (KMS) pinned Nick Hammje (ALX) 3:58, Fifth - Adam Liestman (ROC).

145 lbs - First - Casey Nunn (FRA) pinned Cole Ellison (ALX) 2:44, Third - Jordan Hemmesch (ROC) dec. A.J. Wheeler (MHD) 5-4, Fifth - Stuart Johnson (KMS).

152 lbs - First - Ben Gaughan (MHD) dec. Lucas Beterman (ALX) 7-3, Third - Levi Olivier (ROC) pinned Jake Schermerhorn (FRA) 4:08, Fifth - Trevor Mahlum (KMS) maj. Dec. Jake Albrecht (FRA) 12-3.

160 lbs - First - Brandon Vanwatermulen (FRA) pinned Casey Krieger (KMS) 6:49 OT, Third - Aaron Uselman (WDC) dec. Brett Morlock (MHD) 9-2, Fifth - John Glimsdal (KMS) dec. Matt Chihos (ROC) 5-1.

171 lbs - First - Rick Brandt (FRA) maj. Dec. Isaac Lustila (WDC) 15-6, Third - Nate Samberg (FRA) dec. Cody Erkkila (ALX) 7-5 OT, Fifth - Mike Holtan (MHD) dec. Zach Middendorf (ROC) 5-3 OT.

189 lbs - First - Joel Bauman (KMS) dec. Kody Lafraniere/Sorenson (FRA) 11-5, Third - Ben Wittrock (ROC) dec. Kyle Fulghum (ALX) 3-0, Fifth - Evan Gary (MHD) maj. Dec. Nolan Johnson (WDC) 10-2.

215 lbs - First - Matt Stassen (KMS) dec. Alex Weiman (ROC) 6-4, Third - Andy Bouressa (ALX) pinned Dulan Anderson (WDC) 2:55, Fifth - Jacob Townbridge (MHD) dec. Tyler Hanson (FRA) 3-1 OT.

HWT - First - Mark Wychor (MHD) pinned Kyle Leiser (ROC) 3:25, Third - Ross Carlson (ALX) pinned Frederik Lorentzen (KMS) 1:17, Fifth - Devon Drewes (FRA) def. Dillon Schauff (ALX).

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