The West Central Area volleyball team got the monkey off its back on Saturday.

The Knights (4-14) were riding a 10-match losing streak heading into a weekend tournament at Bertha-Hewitt. After dropping the first match to the host school, WCA tied Rothsay and beat Pillager (11-11) 2-1.

“We are starting to get into a groove of playing steady volleyball, trusting our teammates and trying to stay focused on pushing ourselves to play consistently,” WCA head coach Melissa Foslien said. “We played our very best against Pillager. The girls executed plays and blocked very well. Lizzie Rustan’s five blocks shut down Pillager’s offense for a while.”

Fosslien is figuring out where her girls fit best on the court.

“Kaleigh Anderson really adds a spark to our right side defense and she has adjusted nicely to the setting role,” Fosslien said. “Sophomore Kaitlyn Hansen adds quickness in the back row as she has filled Kaleigh’s shoes as libero. Ellie Herman, who typically has only played middle hitter in the front row, has proven that she can shine playing in the backcourt too.”


(25-21, 25-21)

WCA- Morgan Stark 1 ace; Kaleigh Anderson 6 set assists; Hailey Bennett 10 digs, 3 kills; Kaitlyn Hansen 5 digs; Ellie Herman 5 digs, 1 block; Kaylyn Ulrich 2 kills; Liz Rustan 1 block;


WCA- Hailey Bennett 3 aces, 4 set assists, 7 digs, 3 blocks; Kaleigh Anderson 6 set assists, 6 digs; Ellie Herman 5 digs, 4 kills, Morgan Stark 3 kills;


WCA- Kaleigh Anderson 4 aces, 14 set assists, 8 digs; Hailey Bennett 11 set assists, 9 digs, 6 kills; Ellie Herman 10 digs, 7 kills; Morgan Anderson 9 digs; Kaylyn Ulrich 8 digs; Liz Rustan 8 kills, 5 blocks;


WCA- Ellie Herman 1 ace, 7 digs, 3 kills; Hailey BEnnett 1 ace, 3 set assists, 7 digs; Kaleigh Anderson 1 ace, 4 set assists, 8 digs; Ellie Herman 7 digs, 3 kills; Morgan Stark 3 kills; Liz Rustan 2 kills, 1 block; Savannah Swenson 1 block;