Brandon-Evansville's Titus Fuller accomplishes longtime goal by committing to Crown College in basketball

Chargers guard plays through injury that will keep him out of baseball during his senior season.

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Brandon-Evansville senior Titus Fuller drives against the defense of West Central Area's Nas Dotts on Jan. 11, 2022. Fuller is committed to play college basketball at Crown College. Eric Morken / Alexandria Echo Press

Titus Fuller, a cornerstone of the Brandon-Evansville basketball program for the last few seasons, is headed to the collegiate level as he gets an opportunity to live out a longtime goal.

“I’ve dreamt of playing in college and that’s what’s kept me motivated through all these years,” Fuller said. “Along with trying to have success at the high school level as an athlete and as a team, I also wanted to make it to the next level. So that's been a very big thing for me.”

Fuller announced on April 10 through his Twitter account that he has committed to play college basketball at Crown College (NCAA Division III) in St. Bonifacius.

Crown is coached by Luke Herbert, who just led the program back to the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference title game and the National Christian College Athletic Association title game (an association of Christian colleges across multiple NCAA levels and NAIA schools). Crown had a 17-14 in the 2021-22 season.

Fuller has said that he’s had consistent support from family, friends, mentors, coaches, and more throughout his life. And when being recruited by Crown College, it felt like the program had a family atmosphere.


“They just seemed like guys who have put a lot of time into their players, not only as basketball players but also as people,” Fuller said. “They seem to genuinely care about their guys. Luke Herbert has been there for 10 years, he's been building something and they had some recent success. They seem to promote a family aspect, which is really important for me.”

His journey to committing started with an email Fuller sent in June of 2021 when he reached out to coaches by sending his highlight film. Coaches from Crown College ended up watching Fuller during his AAU season before a couple visits to the school were set up.

“They asked me to come down on a visit, so I went down on a visit last summer,” Fuller said. “I went down on another visit this last fall to catch a game. I got to meet some of the guys.”

In Brandon-Evansville, Fuller was a team-leader for the program.

“Titus is a program builder,” Brandon-Evansville head coach Trent Hintermeister said. “He makes things happen in positive ways. I'm confident you wouldn't be able to find a teammate of his over his entire life who would be able to say something negative about him. That's why I'm excited for him, because he deserves it.”

Fuller was one of three B-E players to be named to the 2022 All-Little Eight Conference Second Team, along with fellow senior Tyler Bitzan and junior Dezmond White.

Fuller averaged 13.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game in 27 games played. He helped the Chargers earn a winning season (14-13) and double its win total from a season ago.

After the season, he was honored with B-E’s Most Disciplined Award and also took home the Chargers’ Pillar Award.


In a game against Ashby on Feb. 26, Fuller crossed the 1,000-point milestone. Scoring appears to be one of the handful of reasons why Crown College recruited Fuller.

“When I went down there, they said one of their bigger needs would be shooting,” Fuller said. “They have a ton of guards, but they need a little bit extra shooting is what they told me. They want me to come in, shoot and play some good defense.”

Over the years, Fuller has spent countless hours working on his game. That effort didn’t go unnoticed by Hintermeister.

“I think Titus has put more time into basketball than most high schoolers do,” Hintermeister said. “He loves the grind of the game and will make everyone who gets to play with him better because of the type of person he is.”

Fuller said whether it was basketball-related or not, Hintermeister was one of the many people that were there for him.

“Hintermeister has invested a lot of time into me and he's been there for me every step of the way,” Fuller said. “He would get up and he would unlock the gym for me in the mornings. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the coaches, mentors and my parents do. My teammates and my family have all helped me along the way.”

Fuller has had to deal with injuries in his career that included suffering a torn labrum twice. He first had to get surgery for it in May of 2019 and will have to have surgery once more in the coming weeks or months.

“I don't really know when that tear happened again,” Fuller said. “I partially dislocated it a bunch of times during basketball, and I fully dislocated it once.”


Despite the pain he was in, he completed the season, saying he wanted to fight through it because of his teammates.

“I wanted to finish the season and give it my all for those guys,” Fuller said.

4-Titus Fuller-Loose Ball-DSC_7731.JPG
Brandon-Evansville's Titus Fuller fights for control of a loose ball in a game against Hillcrest Lutheran Academy on Jan. 27, 2022. Fuller has committed to play college basketball at Crown College.
Sam Stuve / Alexandria Echo Press

The injury will force Fuller to miss his senior season in baseball this spring.

“As far as baseball goes, I just think back to when we are playing our summer rec tournaments,” Fuller said. “I think of playing with Brady Perlberg, one of the best players on our team, obviously my brother Lucas, Riley Perleberg and some of those guys that played for that Evansville team. It's funny to think about the fact that it seemed like it was not that long ago we were just suiting up for our first toss ball games. And here we are now playing varsity.”

He bonded in similar ways with his teammates on the basketball court.

“For basketball [it’s the] same kind of thing. I think with Tyler [Bitzan], one of my best friends, we've bonded over basketball and we've played it together since who knows when. Those two sports have given me a very good opportunity to better my friendships with those people and get us closer throughout all the losses, hard games, wins and stuff like that. You don't really always remember those things, but you remember the guys you played with.”

Fuller’s torn labrum is going to take five or six months to heal once the surgery has happened. He still plans on playing a role for the Chargers’ baseball team from the dugout.

“I'm going to be at every practice that I can be for sure,” Fuller said. “[I’ll be] doing stats at games. If I can soft toss to someone, I’ll do that. I can play music at practices. I still want to be a part of this team because those are guys I’ve been playing baseball with since Tee-ball. I don’t want to just dip out my senior year. I want to be around those guys. Whatever coaches need me to do, I'll do it to the best of my ability.”

While he’ll enjoy doing what he can to help the B-E baseball team, he is also looking forward to what is ahead.

“I love Brandon-Evansville,” Fuller said. “I love playing sports here. I wish I could finish it off by playing baseball. I am very excited to get down to Crown College, start getting to work with those guys and start seeing how I can help elevate that program and become part of that family down there.”

Sam Stuve covers a variety of sports in the Douglas County area. He also is assigned to do some news stories as well.
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