Wildlife managers have begun drawing down the water of Lake Christina in Douglas County to improve habitat and water quality on the popular destination for hunters and wildlife watchers.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will use the lake’s permanent pump system to lower the lake as much as 3 feet below the “normal” water level. The hope is to limit the survival of unwanted fish in the lake and to ensure shallower water for aquatic plants during the growing season next year.

“The purpose of the drawdown is to increase the chances of winter kill of unwanted fish populations that have negative impacts on water quality and aquatic vegetation,” said Nicholas Brown, wildlife lakes and Red River Basin specialist. “An added benefit is to provide more light penetration to stimulate native plant growth in the early growing season next year.”

A portion of Lake Christina is a Migratory Waterfowl Feeding and Resting Area and most of the lake is closed to motorized watercraft. The closed area is posted.

Hunters will find good emergent plant cover, but during the drawdown access may be difficult later in the waterfowl season for hunters with larger boats.

“We’re asking hunters to please be patient. These temporary conditions will improve waterfowl use and lead to better hunting in future years,” Brown said.

For information on the management of Lake Christina or the drawdown operation, contact Nicholas Brown at 218-739-7576 ext. 244 or nicholas.brown@state.mn.us.

For more information about shallow lakes, visit mndnr.gov/wildlife/shallowlakes.