Braxton Steidl wanted a bigger net to have on hand in case a muskie hit while fishing on Lake Miltona, but his father, Scott Steidl, told him it wasn't necessary as they shopped at Mills Fleet Farm this summer.

Braxton then went out and showed his dad why that might have been a good idea after all.

Braxton, 8 years old from Carlos, wrote his account of the story that culminated with him landing a 50-inch muskie while fishing Miltona on July 2. Talk earlier in the day had centered around floating the river, but Braxton didn't want to do that. He wanted to fish.

He was on the water with his dad when Braxton says they ran out of gas and had to refuel.

"Then I ran to the back of the boat to get my musckie rod," he wrote. "I had a black and orange mep on. After that, we trolled up a little bit."

Braxton was reeling in when he saw the big fish appear.

"I said, 'Musckie follow, musckie follow, musckie on!' " he wrote. "And the fight was on. Then I got it up to the boat and my dad tried to net but the net was to small."

The muskie tore more line out but Braxton continued to battle it back to the boat.

"Then we got it in the boat," he wrote. "I was so happy I can't even explain and I got a bigger muskie net also."

Braxton has loved to fish muskies over the last two summers, but this is the first one he caught. It was a good start as the fish weighed in at about 25 pounds.