Anyone interested in management strategies for Lake Christina in Douglas and Grant counties in west-central Minnesota is encouraged to review and submit comments on the updated draft management plan, which makes it easier to initiate lake level drawdowns.

Lake Christina, a nearly 4,000-acre shallow lake, is currently managed for the benefit of migratory waterfowl, primarily through periodic drawdowns.

The management plan has been updated in an effort to more effectively manage the lake to keep in it a clear-water state; that is, a state in which submerged aquatic plants dominate the system instead of algae and suspended sediments.

Management triggers, which are used by managers to initiate drawdowns, have been updated in this plan. These triggers are tied to water quality and aquatic plant abundance.

Drawdowns mimic drought conditions by consolidating nutrient-rich sediments, stimulating aquatic plant growth, and reducing unwanted fish populations through winter mortality. Drawdowns on Lake Christina are carried out through the use of electric pumps, installed with funding provided by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, Ducks Unlimited, the Christina-Ina-Anka Lake Association, and other partners.

Downstream water level triggers that would require pumping be reduced or stopped entirely, including those on Pomme de Terre and Barrett lakes, have not been changed. A copy of the management plan is available online at

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comments by June 2 to Nicholas Brown, wildlife lakes/Red River basin specialist, at or 218-739-7576, ext. 244.