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Northland Outdoors Forecast: Generally mild late November weather

Temperatures look to stay relatively warm for late November this weekend.

Friday will be warmer than our Thanksgiving weather. We are tracking a weak wave to bring a few sprinkles or light snow to parts of the Red River Valley and northcentral Minnesota on Saturday. Another wave could bring light snow to northern Minnesota later on Sunday evening.

Friday is shaping up to be a quiet day. Highs will be mild for the Dakotas with a little cooler weather sticking around for northern and northeastern Minnesota and into Wisconsin.

NOF Friday.JPG
Friday's forecast for the region.

A quick chance of light rain/sprinkles along with a few areas of light snow will be possible on Saturday. This will mainly slide by the Red River Valley and across north central Minnesota.


NOF Saturday futurecast.JPG
A weak wave could bring a few sprinkles and light snow to parts of the area Saturday.

A breeze will pick up out of the northwest on Saturday. Our weather could get rather gusty for those areas. Winds will be much lighter or even lacking for the eastern half of Minnesota along with Wisconsin.

NOF Saturday Wind.JPG
A northwest breeze is expected for the Dakotas on Saturday.

Highs will range from 30s to 40s for most on Saturday. Temperatures do look warmer for the southern half of South Dakota.

NOF Saturday.JPG
Saturday's forecast for the region.


Sunday will stay dry for most of the region. We are tracking a chance of light snow to clip northern Minnesota later in the evening.

NOF Sunday futurecast.JPG
Futurecast outlook for Sunday.

Sunday's temperature forecast for the region will be similar to the last couple of days. Highs will make it into the 30s for most of Minnesota and Wisconsin with warmer air in the western side of the Dakotas.

NOF Sunday.JPG
Sunday's forecast for the region.

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