Ron Rebrovich and Dave Carothers met in college and love to enjoy a round of golf together. This summer, Rebrovich decided to play in his first member-guest tournament at Geneva Golf Club. Little did he know he and his buddy would come away with a win.

Going into the shootout, 28 teams were remaining on the 27-hole course. Hole-by-hole, teams were knocked out of the competition, leaving the Rebrovich-Carothers duo against the defending champions, Isaac Philibert and David Grey. They went head-to-head on the 10th hole twice until Rebrovich and Carothers came away with the win.

"It's my first member-guest that I've ever played in, and it was a ton of fun to be a part of it," Rebrovich said. "Geneva does a great job of putting this on for us. To be the last men standing with my best buddy here is pretty cool. It means a lot to play and come out on top with all of the teams that are here."

Rebrovich and Carothers took home the win when Philibert just missed a par putt. Even though he didn't sink his long putt to win, he feels fortunate to come away with a win.

"You can't write the perfect ending all the time," Rebrovich said. "Unfortunately for the defending champs, they came up a little short. It's a little bitter-sweet. You'd like to end the match that way, but we'll take it."

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Ron Rebrovich putts from 15 out on Saturday during the Geneva Golf Club Member-Guest tournament. (Jared Rubado / Echo Press)
Ron Rebrovich putts from 15 out on Saturday during the Geneva Golf Club Member-Guest tournament. (Jared Rubado / Echo Press)

Rebrovich is the member of the duo at Geneva, so he knows the ins and outs of the course. However, Carothers played the course for the first time this weekend.

"I love the golf course they have here," Carothers said. "It's one of the best member-guests I've ever played in as far as the organization including everybody. It's a great event that I hope to play in again someday."

Carothers is from Buffalo and saw an opportunity to spend time with an old friend.

"Reb and I met in college," Carothers said. "We were in each other's weddings, and we get together whenever we can. This was his first time playing in a member-guest, and he and I don't play a lot of golf together. This was a chance to spend three days together and play some golf."

Competing in a member-guest tournament often means there's a different format. With the last day ending in a shootout, the champions decided to take it one hole at a time.

"Win, lose or draw, we were going to have a lot of fun regardless," Rebrovich said. "To come out on top is pretty crazy. It's match play, so you try not to make mistakes. It's a survival mentality. You just try to make it through each hole and hope for the best."

With almost 100 people surrounding the final hole, Rebrovich and Carothers were dialed in.

"You kind of get tunnel vision this late in the match," Rebrovich said. "There could've been 500 people here, and I don't think I would've noticed. We just got in a zone. We were focused on putting ourselves in a good position to win. I know (Philibert and Grey) were doing the same when they went up and down the hole before out of the bunker. It's just a surreal feeling right now."