Members at the Geneva Golf Club battled through harsh conditions the weekend of Sept. 7 during the club championship.

Men’s Championship division winner Ron Rebrovich outlasted 16 other competitors in his flight.

“The weather didn’t do us any favors,” Rebrovich said. “There was rain off and on. It was cool, windy and the conditions weren’t great. I just wanted to take it one shot at a time. It’s hard to keep things dry. Staying focused was a challenge.”

Rebrovich played four 18-hole match-play rounds en route to bringing home the title. His son, Grant, won the Junior Championship division.

“It was a good way to end the season,” Rebrovich said. “I was playing well for most of the summer. I put a little time into my game and it felt good to come out on top. All of my matches were close and tight. It’s a physical grind and a mental grind. I was able to use my experience to come out with some victories.”

Barb Thompson is one of the club owners. She couldn’t think of a better way to end her summer than bringing home some hardware after winning the Women’s Championship Division.

“On Sunday, I guess I played a little bit better than everybody else and they crowned me the champion,” Thompson said. “I felt going in that my game wasn’t that good. I play with the girls in league, and I feel like golf is a day-to-day thing. You could have it one day and not the next.”

Thompson played in the six-woman field. Competitors paired up and played a doubles match-play round before switching partners. The two lowest combined scores went head-to-head for the Women’s Championship title.

“Match play is so much fun,” Thompson said. “It’s not like stoke play where one hole can take you out of it. It’s hole-by-hole and you just have to play it and start over again no matter what happens.”

Thompson has seen the event at her club grow into something special with the help of a lot of people.

“We had over 80 participants,” Thompson said. “Our two pros, Grant Hanson and assistant Brady Swedberg, put a lot of work into making this event what it was. It took a lot of time and effort. We even had some people sign up this fall so they could be a member and participate in this event.”


MEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP- 1st- Ron Rebrovich, 2nd- Nick Brundell, 3rd- Jeff Restad; SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP- 1st- Terry Martell, 2nd- Brad Hanson, 3rd- Larry Kowalczyk; MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP- 1st- Russ Pederson, 2nd- Bruce Stueven, 3rd- Gene Odegard; WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP- 1st- Barb Thompson, 2nd- Jana Horstman, 3rd- Kim Johanson; JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP- 1st, Grant Rebrovich, 2nd- Joe Bigger