The Osakis baseball team made its lone appearance at the state tournament in 2013 when the Silverstreaks finished as the Class A runner-up to BOLD.

Since then, Osakis has moved up to the Class AA level. Joining a 16-team Section 6AA field has made the path to a section title a little tougher over the years, but the Silverstreaks felt as good about their chances of doing that this year as any in recent memory.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that eight seniors were set to lead this group in 2020. Six of those in Mason Moore, Hunter Infanger, Luke Imdieke, Carter Rost, Luke Staloch and Isaac Froemming are longtime contributors to this team. Kobie Lara and Ryan Milhausen were expected new additions as seniors after competing in track and field a year ago.

The Echo Press reached out to each of them as a way to recognize them after their careers were cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic ending the spring high school season.

This story is an opportunity for them to share their thoughts centered around four questions: Why do they compete in baseball? What do they miss most about it this spring? What is a favorite memory from competing? What are their future plans after high school, and do they plan on competing again?

(Editor’s note: Look for more stories like this highlighting seniors from area teams both online and within print issues of the Echo Press in the coming weeks.)

Mason Moore, 3B/P

Mason Moore
Mason Moore

Fun facts: Would have been a third-year starter at third base and No. 3 or 4 pitcher.

Why he plays: I played the game because it was all I wanted to do growing up. Baseball was like any other sport I played. One thing I love about baseball is the chess match between a hitter and a pitcher. Baseball has such a mental side of the game that is almost more important than how talented you are. (The game) has taught me so many things over the years, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

What he misses most: What I miss most are the bus rides to and from games and just spending time with the guys. Baseball was supposed to be the season that we ended off our high school careers with. We planned on having a great season and ending our athletic careers at Osakis on the right note, and we wanted to play for a state championship. The opportunity to play with the guys and do something great is what I miss most about the game.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory playing baseball over the years would have to be beating St. Cloud Cathedral last spring in sections. They have been a powerhouse in the section for a long time, and it was good to beat a great team like them.

Future plans: My future plans are to attend Concordia University-Moorhead this coming fall and I will be pursuing a degree in Pre-PT or exercise science. I will also be playing football there in the fall as well.

Hunter Infanger, C/P

Hunter Infanger
Hunter Infanger

Fun fact: Would have been a sixth-year starter and the every-day catcher for Osakis, as well as being a No. 3 or 4 starting pitcher.

Why he plays: I play baseball because I love the sport itself. I also play because I love the teammates and coaches I get to work with.

What he misses most: I miss competing against other teams and getting to spend almost every day with the boys playing ball.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory would probably be beating St. Cloud Cathedral at the MAC (in St. Cloud) last year in the playoffs.

Future plans: Next fall, I plan on attending the University of Minnesota-Morris to become a secondary education teacher. I also plan on playing football while at Morris. Hopefully in the summer, I will be able to keep playing baseball with the (Osakis) Hawks (in the Resorters Baseball League).

Luke Imdieke, SS/P

Luke Imdieke
Luke Imdieke

Fun fact: Would have been a sixth-year starter, an every-day shortstop for Osakis and the team’s No. 2 starting pitcher this season.

Why he plays: I play baseball for a few reasons. I love being part of the team and competing with my friends. It is also a game I have grown up loving and playing at a young age and feel it is a big part of my life.

What he misses most: I miss being around and competing with my teammates and coaches the most.

Favorite memory: There are many memories, but the one that I remember most is playing against St. Cloud Cathedral and the whole team coming together.

Future plans: I will be attending Minnesota State University-Moorhead after high school, and I hope to play some town team baseball in the future.

Carter Rost, P/SS

Carter Rost
Carter Rost

Fun fact: Would have been a fourth-year starter and the No. 1 starting pitcher this spring.

Why he plays: The reason why I like to play baseball so much is because I like being outside and watching batters struggle against me pitching makes me happy on the inside. Also, when I make a big-league play I feel like I’m a pro and it gives me a lot of confidence on the field.

What he misses most: I will never get to play baseball with the same team that I grew up with for the past 12 years. The team bonding and the funny jokes during our stretching group circles will be missed the most about my senior class group.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory of playing baseball was when I was younger. We played in a tournament to try to advance to state. In one game, I struck out 15 guys in six innings, and then after that we won the championship and two of our players, Isaac Froemming and Luke (Imdieke), wrestled to see who is stronger.

Future plans: This next fall, I plan on playing with Bismarck State and studying criminal justice and getting a coaching degree, as well.

Luke Staloch, CF/P

Luke Staloch
Luke Staloch

Fun fact: Would have been a third-year starter and the No. 5 or 6 pitcher for Osakis.

Why he plays: I love being in sports because of my teammates. It makes it so much more fun than it already is. I also like it because of the competition and just playing the game in general.

What he misses most: There is a lot to miss with not having spring sports. The thing I miss the most is being with my team almost every day and having fun with the guys.

Favorite memory: There are so many memories made while playing baseball, but probably the most memorable thing was winning the Babe Ruth state championship in 7th grade.

Future plans: Academically, I plan on going to the North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton for land surveying and civil engineering. I do not plan on playing baseball in college, but I will play it casually.

Isaac Froemming, OF/P

Isaac Froemming
Isaac Froemming

Fun fact: Would have been a third-year starter for Osakis and the team’s No. 4 or 5 pitcher.

Why he plays: I play baseball because it was the most fun thing I did while growing up. My dad and I would always go outside and play catch when I was very young. The love for the game just grew, and the people I met through the sport alone is something that I will never forget.

What he misses most: The thing I miss the most is my coaches and my teammates. They are always so much fun to be around, and we knew how to have a good time.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory would be when we won the state Babe Ruth baseball tournament a couple years back. That whole summer was a lot of fun, and when we won the whole thing, it just made it that much better.

Future plans: I plan to further my academics and my football career at the University of Concordia in Moorhead. I'm not sure when or how I will play baseball again, but I do know that I love the sport too much to just stop playing all together.

Kobie Lara

Kobie Lara
Kobie Lara

Fun fact: Out for varsity baseball for the first time this year.

Why he planned on joining baseball: I wanted to do something different for my senior year. I played baseball in 8th grade, and I played a little bit of summer league.

What he misses most about not competing: I’m definitely going to miss not making memories with my friends this spring.

Future plans: I plan on attending Bemidji State University to major in criminal justice. I plan on just focusing on my academics, but I am definitely going to do some intramurals and play some basketball.

Ryan Milhausen

Ryan Milhausen
Ryan Milhausen

Fun fact: Out for varsity baseball for the first time this spring.

Why he planned on joining baseball: My freshman year at Willmar, I played golf and in my sophomore year at Willmar and junior year in Osakis I participated in track. I really wanted to try something new my senior year, and I knew I would enjoy hanging with the guys on the team.

What he misses most about competing: What I miss most is hanging with the guys every day. The practices were a lot of fun, and I was excited to make new memories with the guys on the team.

Future plans: My plans after high school are to attend either the University of Minnesota- Duluth or Grand Canyon University. I plan on majoring in exercise science. I also have more training for the National Guard this summer, and will continue my career in the National Guard. I don’t plan on playing any sports at the competitive level, but I will definitely play sports casually.