Adapted bowling: Cardinals bring same positive energy as they make progress on the lanes

New and veteran members of the Alexandria adapted bowling team are enjoying every minute they have back together as a team as the Cardinals make progress after missing out on last season.

Evan Larson gives an excited "X" bump to Alexandria adapted bowling coach Wade Traphagen after Larson rolled a strike during a competition for the Cardinals this season. (Eric Morken / Echo Press)

The Alexandria adapted bowlers were eager to get back together as a team for this spring season after missing all of last year during the pandemic, but in terms of finding their groove on the lanes, they had to make up for some lost time.

“As anticipated, we got off to a slow start this season,” head coach Wade Traphagen said. “That was a combination of not bowling for nearly two years and the excitement of getting the privilege to bowl with their teammates again. As the season has progressed, the bowlers have started finding their mark and we've seen a steady increase in their averages. We have challenged bowlers to become more consistent with their bowling. If our bowlers are able to develop a consistent approach and delivery, we will see steady gains.”

Alexandria most recently competed against New London-Spicer where the Cardinals had the CI team of Hannah Johnson, Logan Usher, Shon Platt Jr. and Robert Goor get a win with a total score of 1,598. The ASD team of Alexander Billings, Joe Mello, Montana Hinnenkamp and Evan Larson rolled a four-person series score of 1,530.

Grace Johannes rolled a series score of 273 during the Cardinals' meet against New London-Spicer recently. (Eric Morken / Echo Press)


Grace Johannes had a score of 273 in the PI singles division. Kendra Funk had Alexandria’s top score of 365 in CI Singles, and Sebastian Billings led the way in the ASD singles division with a series score of 391.

“The atmosphere has been very positive this season,” Traphagen said. “We've added several new bowlers this year and it's always fun to see how their individual personalities and energy contribute to our team's chemistry.”

Kendra Funk bowls in an Alexandria adapted bowling meet this season. Funk had a team-best series score of 365 in the CI Singles Division against New London-Spicer recently. (Eric Morken / Echo Press)

That positive energy is ultimately what Traphagen missed from missing out on last season.

“Watching them develop a passion for the game and being able to share that passion with others,” Traphagen said of what he’s enjoyed most about being back with the bowlers. “Then seeing the pride that they have in being a member of the Alexandria adapted bowling team.”


PI SINGLES - Grace Johannes (A) 273 vs. McGwire Hatlestad 360; CI TEAM - Johnson/Usher/Platt/Goor (A) 1,598 vs. D. Lindahl/P.Sykora/T. Thorstad/A. Zieske 1,503; CI SINGLES - Kendra Funk (A) 365 vs. Lindahl 349; Liam Olson (A) 344 vs. Sykora 374; Rebecca Breezee (A) 337 vs. Zieske 430; Zechariah Davidson (A) 377 vs. Thorstad 350; ASD TEAM - A. Billings/Mello/Hinnenkamp/Larson (A) def. Harlow/Larcom/Selander/Smith 1,570; ASD SINGLES - Sebastian Billings (A) 391 vs. Connor Harlow 344; Morrigan Reinke (A) 354 vs. Riley Larcom 406; John Hanson (A) 364 vs. Connor Selander 394; Astoria Smith (NLS) 426


Eric Morken is a sports and outdoor editor at the Echo Press Newspaper in Alexandria, Minnesota, a property of the Forum News Service. Morken covers a variety of stories throughout the Douglas County area, as well as statewide outdoor issues.
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