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Adapted Bowling: Alexandria competes with Cambridge-Isanti

The Alexandria adapted bowling team took on Cambridge-Isanti on Tuesday afternoon.

Alex Eggert led the Cardinals in the PI singles division with a score of 363. The CI team of Dalin Reiter, Liam Olson, Logan Usher and Robert Goor bowled a 1,369.

Jarin Staples bowled a 406 in the CI singles division. That was the highest singles score of the day.

The ASD team of Joe Mello, Evan Larson, Mercedes Nelson and Lizzie Floden scored a 1,567.

PI SINGLES-  ALEXANDRIA- Grace Johannes 341, Alex Eggert 363, Matt Senstad 359; CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI- Ally Neubauer 370, Domminic Maniez 328;

CI TEAM- ALEXANDRIA- Dalin Reiter-Liam Olson-Logan Usher-Robert Goor 569; CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI- James Chapman-Megan Eide-Courtnie Peno-Grace Wright 1618;

CI SINGLES- ALEXANDRIA- Jessica Bostock 319, Jarin Staples- 406, Jett Thurston- 360, Carson Snitker- 360, Zechariah Davidson 344, Elton Gruber 251;

CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI- Kristen Kerr- 374, Bau Becker- 385, Robert Anderson- 358, Bryce Tinnel 343, Kyle Mosher 387, Spencer Doege- 389;

ASD TEAM- ALEXANDRIA- Joe Mello-Evan Larson-Mercedes Nelson-Lizzie Floden 1567;

CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI- Nathaniel Williams-Hunter Carpenter-Austyn Hansel-Nolan Arvidson 1664;

ASD SINGLES- ALEXANDRIA- Sebastian Billings 360

CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI- Theodore Knowlton 369

Jared Rubado

Jared is a graduate of Augustana University with a degree in journalism and sport management. Jared is a long-time Minnesota sports fan who, for some reason, still has never seen any of his favorite teams win a championship. He is also a movie fanatic. His favorite kind of movies are comic book films and musicals. Jared is from Brainerd, Minnesota and played sports growing up. He was a goalie for his high school hockey team. Jared is excited to contribute to the community of Douglas County and is looking forward to meeting many of you. 

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