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Students pass martial arts testing

The Alexandria Family Martial arts group poses after the testing in January. (From left to right) Neil Stroklund, Jakin Miller, Isaac Stroklund, Leia Bartone, Rebecca Stroklund, Master Nathan Schutz, Dominic Bartone, Olivia Stroklund, Vinny Bartone, and Thomas Glenetski. (Contributed)

On Jan. 10, Alexandria Family Martial Arts held a test for the students in its program.

They were tested in a form or pattern, kicking techniques, blocking techniques, practical self-defense and breaking a one-inch pine board.

"The break is the only thing that is hard to prepare the younger students for, so when it comes time for that during the test I get nervous for them also," head instructor Neil Stroklund said. "They all did a very nice job."

All eight students that tested passed.