The Alexandria Nordic ski team competed with 11 programs in Bemidji on Jan. 20 despite the warmer weather. The girls team raced ahead to a first-place finish. The boys team held steady for fifth place.

Both boys and girls varsity teams completed a 5K Classic race in the morning and a 5K skate race in the afternoon, which is the same format the teams will compete in for sections and state.

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Freshman Kaisa Bosek took seventh in the classic and won the skate race with a time of 15:47. Her finishes were good for a second place overall finish.

Sophomore Bethany Miller placed third in the classic race in 18:04 and 10th in the skate race. Miller was fifth overall. Senior Carli Vrchota took seventh overall with a fifth place finish in the classic and an 11th place spot in the skate.

Junior Stormy Hegg took second place in the skate in 15:59 and 31st in classic for a 14th overall. Freshman Emma Reineke took 31st overall followed closely by freshman Kamryn Coauette in 32nd. Senior Olivia Hagstrom came in 58th place.

Senior Jackson Wichtendahl led the boys with an eighth place overall finish after coming in fourth in the classic and 11th in the skate. Junior Noah Struck followed in 12th overall with 13th place finishes in both races.

Junior Christian Schlosser finished in 29th overall, senior Nolan Christensen landed in 37th followed by senior Shaun Mateer in 42nd. Senior Kyle Vandertuin came in closely in 45th and senior Patrick Lovrien finished in 57th overall.

The Cardinals head to Brainerd on Jan. 25 for the Central Lakes Conference championship race against St. Cloud Apollo, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, St. Cloud Tech and Willmar.


Kaisa Bosek - 7th in classic 18:23 - 1st in skate 15:47 - 2nd overall; Bethany Miller - 3rd in classic 18:04 - 10th in skate 16:35 - 5th overall; Carli Vrchota - 5th in classic 18:10 - 11th in skate 16:44 - 7th overall; Stormy Hegg - 31st in classic 20:05 - 2nd in skate 15:59 - 14th overall; Emma Reineke - 44th in classic 21:09 - 19th in skate 17:12 - 31st overall; Kamryn Coauette - 27th in classic 19:53 - 39th in skate 18:42 - 32nd overall; Olivia Hagstrom - 59th in classic 22:44 - 54th in skate 20:21 - 58th overall


Jackson Wichtendahl - 4th in classic 15:11 - 11th in skate 14:19 - 8th overall; Noah Struck - 13th in classic 15:57 - 13th in skate 14:27 - 12th overall; CJ Schlosser - 25th in classic 16:57 - 35th in skate 15:42 - 29th overall; Nolan Christenson - 42nd in classic 17:46 - 32nd in skate 15:34 - 37th overall; Shaun Mateer - 39th in classic 17:27 - 46th in skate 16:08 - 42nd overall; Kyle Vandertuin - 43rd in classic 17:47 - 53rd in skate 16:18 - 45th overall; Patrick Lovrien - 53rd in classic 18:11 - 64th in skate 17:04 - 57th overall