The Alexandria Blizzard was back on its home ice after a rough stint in Northern Iowa. A rocky start against the Granite City Lumberjacks gave the Blizzard pause.

"It just started out slow," said Brenden Payne. "It didn't start off right but the boys held it together."

In the beginning of the second period, Alexandria was down 4-1 and it looked like it might be a repeat of the losses in Iowa.

The Blizzard had generated a four game winning streak before the North Iowa Bulls handed them two losses in a row.

Payne hit the net later in the second period in their home game against Granite and again just 20 seconds into the third, closing the gap to 4-3.

"I think everyone was just working hard," Payne said. "We had a mindset that we wanted to win this game. We weren't taking no for an answer."

Logan Nelson sunk a goal to tie the game and the Blizzard momentum couldn't be stopped. Matt Dahlseide pushed for the Blizzard lead with less than three minutes left in the game and Payne nailed the last goal of the night with one minute on the board.

"It was coming. We felt it coming," Dahlseide said. "We just kept on working and it came."

The Blizzard had 31 shots on goal compared to the Lumberjacks at 27 shots on goal. Blizzard goalie Brady Meyers had 23 saves on the night.

"We needed to pull off a big win against Granite and we did," Payne said.

The division's first-place Lumberjacks handed the Blizzard its first two losses early in the season. Alexandria pulled together a 5-2 win over them on Oct. 28, the last game of their four-game winning streak before Iowa.

This victory made the Blizzard's overall record an even 7-7.

The Blizzard hopes to keep home ice momentum rolling when they host Granite again on Friday, Nov. 17.