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Minnewaska Golf Club: Peters, Verkinderen hit holes-in-one in the same group

The team of (left to right) Ryan Gandrud, Brian Verkinderen, Brent Kompelien and Evan Peters were part of two holes-in-one in the same group as Peters and Verkinderen both aced the ninth hole during a Big Cup Scramble at the Minnewaska Golf Club on July 29. (Submitted photo)

A hole in one isn't a common feat. Many avid golfers never achieve it. On July 29 at a tournament at Minnewaska Golf Club, Evan Peters and Brian Verkinderen were in the same group and they both aced hole 9.

Full disclosure, this was the Waterama Big Cup Scramble, so the holes were about twice the diameter of a regular golf cup. But where difficulty is lacking in the holes' size, organizers made up for it with their placement.

"The holes are bigger, but they're on such difficult locations," Peters said. "They're literally on side slopes where if you miss the putt, you're just going to have the the same putt because it's going to come right back to your feet."

The tee box on the 125-yard No. 9 is elevated, and when the four in the group stepped up, the member of the crew, Ryan Gandrud, offered advice to the rest.

"Ryan said, 'Just aim it a little bit right, and hopefully it sticks in the fringe a little bit," said Peters.

Verkinderen was the second in the group to tee off. He hit it right like he wanted to, but rather than sticking in the fringe, it kicked perfectly left and ended up in the hole.

After Gandrud missed left on the next shot, Peters, who golfed for St. Cloud State for four years, stepped up and hit a shot he couldn't have drawn up better if he wanted to. He hit it past the hole about five or six feet, he said, and it spun perfectly back into the hole for the hole in one, the second in three shots.

"The people in the clubhouse, right away they thought the first celebration was a joke, like people are messing around or something," Peters said. "Then after the second one, it was pretty loud. We brought pretty much everyone out. There's homes around that hole, and everyone was out on their patios. We were pretty loud."

The two aces helped propel them to a first place finish in the tournament.