September 16

Checked perimeter and locked restrooms.

Domestic, male and female yelling at each other, unable to locate, Nokomis Street E.

School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

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Check welfare, person hasn't heard from wife all day, has multiple health concerns, located and contacted her husband, Nokomis Street E.

Attempted fraud, person reported that he was sold a camper that had a lien on it, seller will not return his call, Nokomis Street E.

False alarm, cleaning crew, reset, Central Avenue.

Checked area and locked restrooms, beach/Osagi Park.

Door checks, Central/Main.

September 17

Harassment, person reported his ex girlfriend is harassing him and making threats, DWI refusal to test arrest, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for driving conduct and speed, County Road 3 SE.

Warning for speed, County Road 10 SE.

Warning for speed, County Road 3 NE.

Citation for speed, Calvary Road SE.

Warning for speed, County Road 82 SE.

Warning for speed, County Road 82 SE.

Public assist, caller reporting an elderly male approached her and stated his wife threw him out and he needs assistance, spoke with husband and wife, help with getting cell phone and credit cards, he is calling family to get him, Queen Street W.

Assist other agency, caller reporting a male was hitting a female behind storage units, left in vehicle pulling a trailer, stopped vehicle for county and stood by for assistance, County Road 82 SE.

Traffic control for football game, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed and failure to maintain lane, 82/27.

Checked perimeter and locked bathrooms.

Noise complaint, loud music from vehicle, gone on arrival, Nokomis Street E.

Traffic stop, 3rd Avenue E.

September 18

Medical, lift assist, transported, Main Street W.

Traffic escort through town, FFA parade, State Highway 27.

Public assist, memorial service, 1st Avenue E.

Domestic, verbal between neighbors, advised to avoid contact, Main Street W.

Public assist, caller has complaint against another officer, Main Street W.

Driving complaint, vehicle pulled out in front of another, almost got rear ended, spoke with elderly female, 27/37.

Suspicious person, male walking through parking lot seemed angry and yelling, just talking to himself, Nokomis Street E.

Drug related activity, caller caught daughter smoking marijuana and wanted to talk to officer, retrieved drug paraphernalia, 1st Avenue W.

Noise complaint, loud music, turned down, Main Street W.

September 19

Suspicious activity, caller stated someone throwing bags of trash from vehicle into city dumpster, spoke with person, had permission from manager, East Nokomis Street.

Runaway, 14 year old female missing, window open, 8th Avenue W.

September 20

Medical, routine transfer, 6th Avenue N.

Missing front license plate, Main Street W.

Suspicious activity, front door of house is open, contacted owner and secured door, all appeared OK, Lake Street E.

Medical, false alarm, accidental push, 6th Avenue W.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for squealing tires, 3rd Avenue W.

Death investigation, Nokomis Street E.

Driving complaint, would like extra patrol for speeding vehicle in area, 2nd Avenue E.

Parking ticket issued for parking in front of fire hydrant, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, transported, Queen Street W.

Checked area and locked restrooms, Osagi Park/beach.

September 21

EBT card found on sidewalk, Central Avenue.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Checked area and locked restrooms, Osagi Park/beach.

September 22

Gas drive-off, confirmed info, Nokomis Street E.

Motorist assist, blocking traffic for tow, Central Avenue.

Medical, alert push, person OK, cancelled ambulance, 6th Avenue W.

Warning for failure to obey MN statute, I-94 SE.

Warning for no front plate, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for equipment violation, 1st Avenue W.

Checked perimeter and locked restrooms.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.