Osakis' Central Park could be the site of a water park in the future.

The Osakis City Council heard the proposal during its regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 9.

Amber Kral, director at large of the Osakis Area Chamber of Commerce, said there is a building in the park that needs to be dug out that could be the site of a water park.

Kral stressed that nothing is concrete at this point, and that there are no numbers to present because the chamber wanted to be sure it could use the land.

She added the site would not have the look of a splash pad geared to small children. After the meeting, a message from the chamber to the Echo Press said the park might consist of a series of ground-level fountains that members of the public could interact with.

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"The other thing about doing it at Central Park is it's right downtown by all the businesses," Kral added.

Mayor Dan Wessel was in favor of the idea.

"My son worked on the board for the splash pad in Sauk Center, and now they added all that new stuff onto it," Wessel said. "That place is busy from sun-up to sundown. … It was a very, very, very expensive project, but it was funded and it was good, and it continues to be that way."

Council member Laura Backes agreed, saying, "I love the idea."

Kral said the chamber is looking into making improvements at Park Osagi, as well, and is looking into different options such as grants and fundraisers to fund the projects.

Dog licenses

Further information about lifetime versus annual dog licenses was presented by Police Chief Chad Gulbranson, who said "the only thing that rings true with both of them is that they always monitor the rabies (vaccinations)."

It was pointed out at July's regular meeting that while the location and rabies vaccination status of the city's dog population is kept track of via a yearly $15 fee, no such rule exists for cats.

Additionally, cats can wander free around town while dogs must be leashed.

Gulbranson said that while no nearby communities have lifetime dog licenses, Osakis could implement the option after a public hearing and discussion of costs.