The Osakis School Board received good news at its Thursday, Nov. 12, school board meeting – the district received a clean audit.

Mary Reedy with the auditing firm, CliftonLarsonAllen, presented the annual report to the school board at the meeting.

“An unmodified or clean audit is the highest level of assurance auditors can give,” Reedy told school board members.

For the fiscal year 2020, the district’s total revenue was a little more than $9.9 million and the expenditures were about $9.4 million. The district’s fund balance was just over $5.6 million, which Reedy said would be enough for the district to operate for about six months. She said a good policy is to have two months worth in the fund balance, which means that Osakis is doing well.

“Overall, the district is doing a good job,” said Reedy.

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Revenues, which is money coming into the district, come from a variety of sources, including the following:

  • State: $8.39 million (74%)

  • Federal: $481,518 (5%)

  • Local property tax levy: $1.66 million (14%)

  • Other local and county: $838,483 (7%)

Expenditures, or money being spent by the district, include the following:

  • Regular instruction: $4.6 million (41%)

  • Vocational instruction: $120,132 (1%)

  • Special Education instruction: $1.57 million (14%)

  • Community education and services: $198,181 (2%)

  • Instructional support services: $204,277 (2%)

  • Pupil support services: $1.24 million (11%)

  • Site, buildings and equipment: $986,131 (9%)

  • Fiscal and other fixed cost programs: $1.53 million (14%)

  • District and school administration: $534,254 (5%)

  • District support service: $179,152 (1%)

School board members approved the audit and thanked Reedy for the information she provided and also thanked those who worked with Reedy, providing her with the information she needed.

In other action

School board members also approved the following items:

  • Leave of absence for Breann Adolphsen, paraprofessional.

  • Hiring of Mike Sorenson, junior varsity girls basketball coach.

  • Hiring of Kendell Proell, junior high boys basketball coach.

  • Resignation of Zach Smith, junior high wrestling coach.

  • Hiring Gage Zieske, junior high wrestling coach.

  • Canvass results of the election with winners for the school board being Michael Collins (incumbent) and Justin Dahlheimer and Amy Schoeck-Weisser (newcomers). Dahlheimer and Schoeck-Weisser will be replacing Tom Grundman and Genny LeBrun, who did not refile for their positions.

  • Donations from the following: Tim Kampsen Agency ($150), John Weise Ford ($100), Midwest Machinery ($100), Geneva Capital ($600), Bell Bank ($205), tennis student activity fund ($949) and wrestling student activity fund ($598).