Students in the Osakis School District are being encouraged to participate in the free breakfast program.

Superintendent Randy Bergquist told School Board members Monday night at their regular meeting that there could be more participation in the program. There are roughly 800 students in the district and about 200 take advantage of the free program.

At the elementary level, the district will be starting a pilot program by bringing the food to the classrooms to try and get more participation. At the high school level, the food cart is brought out in the mornings as the students come into the school as a reminder of the free breakfast.

The school will continue to monitor it and send out messages to students and parents.

COVID-19 update

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High School Principal Brad Hoffrath told School Board members that to prepare for when or if the district has to go to a hybrid model of learning, they held a hybrid trial day. He said it allowed teachers to observe student needs/behaviors and also lesson structure. He said for the most part, technology worked as planned and that when informally polled, the teachers gave the trial day a 7.9 out of 10.

As of now, the school is still operating with in-person learning, but just wanted to see how it would work if the need arises to go to the hybrid model.

Elementary Principal Shad Schmidt noted that at the elementary level, students are also still in the in-person learning model, but that there is a system in place if the need arises for a hybrid model.

He said grades PreK-2 will remain in-person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and only have distance learning on Wednesday. For grades 3-6, the red team will be in-person Monday and Thursday, and distance learning Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, while the silver team will be in-person on Tuesday and Friday, and distance learning Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Parents would be notified as to which team their student is on.

Action taken

School Board members approved the following items:

  • Tenure to Kyle Imdieke and Kelsey McKim.

  • Hiring Brian Silbernick as a long-term substitute and paraprofessional.

  • Snow removal contract with Didier Excavating.

  • Tentative teacher seniority list and tentative paraprofessional seniority list.

  • Changing the November School Board meeting to Thursday, Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m.