October 1

School resource officer meeting, E 1st Ave.

Patrol, after school traffic, E 1st Ave.

Warning for texting while driving and brake light out, CR 3/Trisco Cove Dr.

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October 2

Suspicious vehicle, caller is doing road work and there is a car in the way, keys in vehicle, moved it down half a block, Central Ave/E Oak.

Traffic stop, warning, Hwy 27/Dahlia Dr.

Traffic stop, warning, E 1st Ave/E Rush.

Traffic stop, E 1st Ave.

Child custody matter, caller stated that he was there to pick up his daughter for the weekend visit and the mother would not respond to his text, officer knocked and did not get response, caller wanted it documented for court, W Main.

Foot patrol, door checks.

October 3

Medical, transported, E 2nd Ave.

Funeral escort, assist, W 3rd Ave.

Harassment, caller is receiving messages that she believes came from person, spoke with Douglas County Corrections and nothing was sent to her number, she will call back if she receives more messages, E Nokomis.

Suspicious vehicle, parked by old treatment facility, driver playing Pokemon Go, King/Lake.

Animal complaint, small black dog running on road, checked area, unable to locate, E 3rd Ave/E Pike.

Stopped for speed and failure to obey stop sign, citation for speed, warning for speed on 27 and stop sign, Hwy 27.

Citation for speed and warning for tabs, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Stopped for warrant, adult arrest, W Nokomis/W 8th Ave.

Found small black dog with multi-color collar, W Pike.

Check welfare, person stated he has been unable to see his daughter for several months and would like her checked on, spoke with daughter at apartment, she stated she is OK and has no concerns, appeared to be in good health, W Main.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Info passed on by State Patrol, white car westbound in eastbound lane, unable to locate, I-94.

Fireworks complaint, unable to locate, E 1st Ave/E Pike.

Motorist assist, struck small deer, no vehicle damage, issued possession permit, 27/37.

October 4

Assist State Patrol with two at gun point at a crash, I-94/Hwy 27.

Assist other agency, request to locate next of kin for inmate due to self harm, W 3rd Ave.

Assist other agency, attempted victim notification at residence, unable to make contact, left voicemail, E Nokomis.

Traffic stop, adult arrest, W 3rd Ave/Hwy 27.

Citation for speed on 1st Ave East, warning for tint, 27.

Suspicious activity, caller's dog was in her unlocked vehicle and then was gone, caller was in VFW for more than an hour, black/golden yorkie, no suspects, person was sent home to look there, E 8th Ave.

October 5

Alarm, Douglas County Sheriff checked business, everything secure, W Main.

Assist on medical, 210th St.

Traffic stop, warning, I-94/Hwy 27.

Attempted fraud/scam, E Main.

Medical, transported, Eastwood Dr.

Patrol, after school traffic, E 1st Ave.

October 6

Traffic stop, warning, I-94/Hwy 27.

Traffic stop, warning, E 1st Ave/E Main.

Traffic stop, warning, 27/8.

Assist Alexandria police with gas drive-off, made contact with owner, driver will pay via phone, S Mckay, Alexandria.

Patrol, after school traffic, E 1st Ave.

Animal complaint, report of lots of feral cats living in unattached dilapidated garage, spoke with family member, they will be live trapping them and relocating, W Pike.

License plate found in carwash, left message for owner to pick up, W Nokomis.

Traffic hazard, removed dead deer from roadway, N 6th Ave/Nokomis.

October 7

Assist other agency, DOC wants to speak to officer regarding person, report documented for person's activities, W Nokomis.

Assist stalled motorist, E Nokomis.

Theft of Biden sign, W Oak.

Documented driving complaint, E Pike.

Patrol at end of school, E 1st Ave.

Three applications for permits to purchase handguns, E Nokomis.

Alarm, cleaning crew on scene with no passcode, new alarm system, will contact president in morning, Central Ave.

Alarm, male on scene with no passcode, all doors secured, no signs of anything out of normal, W Nokomis.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.