Do you have old glasses or sunglasses just laying around your home? Don't throw them out – please donate them to Osakis Lions Club.

For 80 years, Lions clubs have been collecting old unwanted eyeglasses (frames with lenses) for redistribution to countries where people are unable to afford new glasses. Minnesota Lions alone have collected more than 10 million pairs of eyeglasses.

These glasses are taken to Minnesota Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Sauk Rapids. From there, they are sent to a regional center where they are cleaned, repaired and sorted by prescription.

Then the glasses are distributed to people all over the world who are in need of free glasses and improved vision.

The Osakis Lions Club has four locations where you can drop off your old glasses: Osakis Medical Center, First National Bank of Osakis, Galeon Wellness Center and Thrifty White Drug of Osakis.

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It doesn’t matter if the glasses are old, need to be repaired or have minor scratches. They will be cleaned and repaired.

“Please take a few minutes to find your old, unused glasses and drop them off in one of the collection boxes,” said Mark Reicks, Osakis Lions Club president.

For more information about the Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation, go to To learn about the Minnesota Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, visit its Facebook page or go to the website