August 13

Medical, assisted, transported, E 2nd Ave.

Vehicle unlock, E Nokomis.

Warning for speed, 27/1.

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Fire alarm, faulty detector, W Main.

Checked park, locked restrooms.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Checked doors, Central/Main.

August 14

Check welfare, suicidal female, person arrested for Pope and Douglas County warrants, E Nokomis.

Warning for rolling stop sign, E 1st Ave/E Main.

Medical, transported, W Main.

Weather watchers called out.

Noise complaint/disturbance, a lot of screaming and banging for last hour, unfounded, W Main.

August 15

Person smells vehicle fumes from car parked outside, W Main.

Medical, transported, E 2nd Ave.

Caller believes a vehicle is leaking gas in the parking lot, W Main.

Caller backed into another vehicle, W Main.

Gas drive-off, located vehicle and left hanger to call market, person paid for gas, W Nokomis.

Medical, transported, W 6th Ave.

August 16

Traffic hazard, cleared debris from road.

Warning for speed, Hwy 27, Alexandria.

Medical, transported, W Main.

Warning for suspended object, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Motorist assist, everything OK, Hwy 27.

Warning for front plate not attached, E 1st Ave/E Nokomis.

Checked park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

August 17

Assist other agency, unable to locate, E 5th Ave, Alexandria.

Person would like to give officers info on past cases, refused to talk to officer, W Main.

Property damage accident, fender bender, other person left without stopping but was not at fault, W Main.

Check welfare, caller has not been able to get a hold of person, left phone at daughters, will call, E 2nd Ave.

Medical, transported, E 2nd Ave.

August 18

Medical, transported, W Main.

Unexpected death, W Main.

Caller sold vehicle to person and check was no good, forged check, vehicle entered as stolen, W Nokomis.

Caller reported someone dumped an air conditioner and garbage along side of the house, will put it in his can, E Main.

Caller states a man who lives behind location is threatening to cut off their pipes and electricity, person expressed anger about city and gas company, needs lines moved so he can fix foundation, will wait for officer to speak to someone, W Main.

Warning for speed, CR 3/CR 73.

Warning for loud exhaust, Bird Lake Rd/CR 3.

Motorist assist/stall, truck with engine problems on side of road, able to continue on, Bird Lake Rd/CR 3.

Warning for speed and no MN driver's license, Hwy 27/CR 37.

Warning for speed, Bird Lake Rd/CR 3.

Warning for speed and no MN driver's license, CR 3/CR 73.

Citation for driving after revocation and no insurance, warning for window tint, E 6th Ave/E Main.

August 19

Warning for windshield tint, side window tint and over-width tires, CR 3/Trisco Cove Dr.

Warning for windshield tint, side window tint and over-width tires, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

Check welfare, out with social services for followup, person stated she needs to give paperwork on hacking, W Main.

Nuisance violation, reported that a rotten tree is hanging over neighbor's garage, made arrangements to have tree removed and junk motor and batteries removed as well, W Pike.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Yard shed was broken into, Hwy 27.

HRO violation, will pass info, W Main.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.