An Osakis Economic Development Corporation member meeting will take Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 5:30 p.m at the Community Center in Osakis.

On the agenda: The final steps in dissolving the OEDC.

The OEDC is taking the action after its charitable gambling manager resigned from working at the Osakis Liquor Store last April because of her displeasure with a "hostile environment" at the liquor store over the last year, according to OEDC representative Becky Hensley.

Back in April, the OEDC board sent the following letter to OEDC members:

"On April 16, the Board of Directors for the Osakis Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) held an emergency meeting to discuss the resignation of the gambling manager. Due to extenuating circumstances, the board voted by majority to dissolve the corporation. The board no longer felt that we were meeting the mission statement:

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“The purpose of the corporation shall be to advance, promote, encourage and stimulate the economic and industrial growth of Osakis and the surrounding area; encourage the establishment of new businesses and industries; to encourage the expansion of present businesses and industries and to do all things necessary for the accomplishment of these purposes.”