Reenie Goodwin, Osakis Liquor Store manager, is expecting July to show a “decent profit.” She told Osakis City Council members that over the Fourth of July weekend, from July 2-4, sales were more than $37,000.

“July should be a great month,” she said during the council’s July 13 meeting.

This was good news for city council members. Although council member Laura Backes questioned the amount of overtime. She said the liquor store was showing a loss in revenue, but overtime was at $600, which Backes said was a lot.

Goodwin explained that the liquor store is short staffed and people aren’t wanting to work because of the extra $600 per week they are receiving due to COVID-19.

If people can’t work their shift, there are only a couple of people who can work and that usually means there is going to be overtime, Goodwin said. She did note that she had a couple of people coming in for interviews so she was hoping to add to the staff.

Backes said she would wait and see what happens in July.

Goodwin also told council members that Happy Hour is going well again and that she plans to continue it. She said there are typically between 20-30 people during Happy Hour.

Action taken

Osakis City Council members approved the following items:

  • Refunding businesses with liquor licenses that were closed due to COVID-19. The council agreed to refund three months, with Mayor Kip Emerson stating, “It’s a good thing to do.”

  • Putting a compost site near the city shop that would have a fence around it and different bins for recycling.

  • Participating in a grant for the assistive voting device system with Todd County at a cost of $3,620.

  • Filing period for city council members (Justin Dahlheimer and Jerry Olson) and mayor seat (Emerson,) which will run July 28 through Aug. 11. The primary will take place on Aug. 11.

  • Setting up a workshop to discuss the city adopting a plan regarding COVID-19. City Clerk Angela Jacobson presented information, which the council thanked her for. However, Backes thought it was a little overkill and said, “We just need to get back to work.” She suggested the council discuss it in a workshop, to which the rest of the council agreed. Backes told Jacobson it’s a start and thanked her for her effort.