10 years ago

December 7, 2004

The DNR stocked a total of 5,149 pounds of walleye in Lake Osakis in 2004, which includes 2,699 pounds of walleye fingerlings, 161 pounds of yearlings and 2,289 pounds of adult walleye.

A 43-year-old Osakis man who was hunting near Remer in Cass County is still missing after two weeks of searching.

Todd Hendricks, former Osakis assistant coach who now lives in Atwater, has been selected for induction into the National Minor League Football Hall of Fame.

25 years ago

December 5, 1989

Osakis Superintendent LeRoy Mackove responded to opposition of the proposed bond issue, explaining what facilities would be used for and why the update is needed.

At 98, Lillie Olson is the oldest resident at Community Memorial Home and looks forward to her 100th birthday.

Kari Hensley, 15-year-old Osakis High School freshman who participates in basketball, tennis and softball, now wears her father’s letterman’s jacket, which he wore when he was a letterman 35 years ago at Osakis High School.

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50 years ago

December 10, 1964

Flipper’s New Adventure, an adventure drama in Metrocolor starring Luke Halpin and Pamela Franklin, will be shown at Empress Theatre.

The Post Office Department confidently predicts that the volume of holiday mail this year will hit a record high, with well over 12 billion pieces of incoming and outgoing mail expected.

The first in a series of turkey drawings, sponsored by the Osakis Chamber of Commerce, will give out 13 out of a total 52 turkeys to community members.

75 years ago

December 7, 1939

Mark Woodward, who is serving his sixth year as an instructor at Osakis High School, has resigned to accept a teaching position in the Robbinsdale High School.

When Mrs. Carl Budde dug up potatoes from her garden this fall, she found two grown together. Breaking them apart, she found a silver dollar of the mintage of 1800s holding them together.

Displaying a fast-breaking attack and a stiff defense that kept the Alexandria High School shooters in check, Osakis High School basketball won an impressive 30-21 victory, supported by an unusually high number of local Osakis fans.