Osakis Police Blotter: October 21-27


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October 21

Assist other agency, person took a skidsteer loader without signing a rental agreement, employee tracked it down in Osakis, worked out issue and they signed rental agreement, 9th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, person stopped to check a tire on her vehicle, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for seat belt, County Road 2 SE.


Warning for speed, 50 in 30 zone, County Road 3 SE.

Harassment restraining order violation, caller states person started texting her that morning, PC to arrest person on DANCO violation, notified Alex police of findings and where he is suspected to be living, Main Street W.

Warning for equipment violation, 8th Avenue W.

False alarm, fire and smoke, Main Street W.

Warning for speed, 80 in 55 zone, County Road 51.

Motorist assist, checked on vehicle stopped on side of highway, State Highway 27 SE.

Warning for obstructed plate, show current registration and failure to maintain lane, no indicators of impairment, I-94.

Warning for tail light violation, 8th Avenue E.


October 22

False alarm, commercial burglary, doors secure, left message, Nokomis Street W.

Check welfare, person was at store this morning and store owner said he didn't look too good, wanted officer to check on him, person said he was fine, 1st Avenue W.

Burning complaint, report of someone burning things in their back yard, spoke with owner and notified him that a burning permit is required for anything other than a campfire, Queen Street W.

Permit to acquire handgun.

Medical, transported, 1st Avenue W.

Warning for speed, 3rd Avenue W.

Warning for driving conduct, County Road 10 SE.


Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

October 23

Suspicious person, male looking into business windows and talking to himself, unable to locate, Central Avenue.

Warning for speed, County Road 2 SE.

Warning for speed, 4th Avenue E.

Vehicle unlock, Central Avenue.

Assist other agency, vehicle all over the road, passed on to State Patrol, stopped for driving conduct, just tired, I-94.

Warning for speed, given 2 weeks to remove tint, 3rd Avenue E.

October 24

Warning for speed, 65 in 55 zone, 6th Avenue N.

Warning for speed, 46 in 30 zone, 1st Avenue E.

Domestic, spoke with persons involved, no one hurt or injured, separated them and male agreed to leave, after officer left person convinced other person to go with him in the vehicle and then abandoned her near Nelson, officer brought her back and referred her to Someplace Safe, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for speed, 42 in 30 zone, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for equipment violation, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, transported, 8th Avenue E.

Truancy, person didn't want to go to school and had a prior incident like this, explained to her and her mother that she should get a doctor's note if she is sick again, Main Street W.

October 25

Suspicious person, elderly male on school property in morning, unable to locate, 1st Avenue E.

Public assist, person looking for information on resident he sold trailer to.

Assist other agency, driving complaint in Todd County, citation for over 1.4 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, 27/161.

October 26

Suspicious activity, caller states that a staff member is hurting people in the room across from hers, will follow up later, Main Street W.

Public assist, old roommate won't return caller's property, attempted to talk to person at residence, Nokomis Street E.

Violation of court order, DANCO violation, caller has received text messages from person, Main Street W.

Osakis resident attempting to get to Alexandria, advised to stay out of roadway or take bike trail, 4th Avenue W.

Traffic control at cross walks, high school.

After school traffic, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, 32 in a 20 zone during school hours, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, 40 in 30 zone, State Highway 27 SE.

Nuisance violation, left door hanger about dog licenses and leashing, 4th Avenue E.

Nuisance violation, left door hanger for property owner to contact officer about dog licenses, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for speed, 31 in 20 zone, 1st Avenue E.

Nuisance violation, left door hanger about dog licenses, Lake Street E.

Nuisance violation, made contact with person regarding rabies vaccine update, she advised she would retrieve papers and update with city hall, Lake Street E.

Nuisance violation, made contact regarding dog licenses, Pike Street E.

Suspicious activity, person in city hall lobby whose child was asked to get in to stranger's car, spoke with possible suspect, said he was not at that location that day and was not pleased with officer's presence, Pike Street E.

Warning for speed, 42 in 30 zone, 8th Avenue E.

Motorist assist, vehicle parked on side of highway, stopped to see if person was OK, I-94/State Highway 27.

Nuisance violation, collected proof of rabies vaccination, Pike Street E.

Warning for speed, County Road 3 SE.

Warning for driving conduct and failure to maintain lane, 51/150.

Warning for failure to maintain lane, 8th Avenue E.

Warning for no seat belt, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for plate status, 27/120.

Warning for TLO, 3rd Avenue W.

Citation for no MN driver's license, 1st Avenue E.

October 27

Assist other agency, medical in Todd County, Finch Road.

Traffic control and time in school, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for failure to obey MN Statute, Nokomis Street E.

Gas drive-off, person forgot and will go back to pay, Nokomis Street W.

Traffic control at crosswalk and patrol at end of school day, 1st Avenue E.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Nuisance violation, junk vehicle, letter sent on 10/27 giving person 2 weeks, Pike Street E.

Two applications for permit to purchase handguns, Nokomis Street E.

911 hang-up, open line, Nokomis Street W.

Warning for stop sign violation, State Highway 27 SE.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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