Osakis Police Blotter: November 4-10


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November 4

Warning for driving through a crosswalk with kids present, 4th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, gas siphoned from equipment on job site, 1st Avenue E.

Parking complaint, orange tags placed for parking over yellow lines, 1st Avenue W.


Assist other agency, male and female screaming at each other, couldn't make out what they were saying, separated them and arrested person for domestic, County Road 10 NE.

Check welfare, caller has not been able to contact person since prior day, made contact, 9th Avenue E.

Violation of court order, person received more texts from person, report required for DANCO violation, Main Street W.

November 5

School resource officer time, 1st Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, person was upset about issues with lotto machine and refused to leave, left, 8th Avenue E.

Harassment, caller stated that person contacted her in regards to their mother's estate wanting money, she was told to save all messages in case they increase in harassment, Lake Street.

Noise complaint, loud music coming from garage, walked around area and did not hear anything, K Street E.


November 6

Medical, no transport, 1st Avenue W.

Lost animal, black lab with red collar, 8th Avenue E.

Grass fire, south of Osakis, 8th Avenue W.

Information, welfare check, person left Ottertail County for mental health appointment in St. Cloud and has not returned.

November 7

Public assist, caller was told she could have an officer present when retrieving belongings, will call if officer is needed back, Lake Street E.

Warning for speed, equipment and no proof of insurance, 1st Avenue E.


Warning for stop sign violation, State Highway 27 SE.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for cell violation, 1st Avenue E.

Nuisance violation, vehicle with flat tires, full of items and no license plates, letter sent to person giving her two weeks to come into compliance, Pike Street E.

POR change of information, Nokomis Street E.

Warning for driving conduct, County Road 82 SE.

Warning for stop sign violation, 1st Avenue E.

November 8


School resource officer contract hours, 1st Avenue E.

Motorist assist, truck driver waiting for farmer on side of road, no assistance needed, State Highway 27.

Trespassing complaint, caller states two females are at her door and trying to get in, attempted to push past her son and will not leave, misunderstanding, caller and other female were in a vehicle crash a while ago and victim was trying to get insurance information, Main Street W.

Warning for expired registration, Nokomis Street W.

Warning for speed, County Road 3 SE.

Assist other agency, help with warrant in Grey Eagle, assisted with perimeter, no arrest.

Warning for speed, 4th Avenue W.

Warning of driving conduct and failure to maintain lane, County Road 4.


Warning for speed, 6th Avenue N.

Warning for expired registration, 1st Avenue W.

November 9

School resource officer contract hours and traffic control, 1st Avenue E.

Parking complaint, parked in handicap spot with no certificate, owner had a certificate but lost it, Central Avenue.

School resource officer contract hours.

Check welfare, made contact by phone, Main Street W.

After school traffic, 1st Avenue E.


Warning for tail light violation, 27/Lake.

Animal complaint, dog leashing complaint, person warned, Nokomis Street E.

Citation for too dark window tint, given one week to show compliance, Nokomis Street E.

POR update, update workplace information, West Nokomis Street.

Assist other agency, false alarm, residential burglar alarm, County Road 3 SE.

Suspicious activity, person reporting vehicles and people acting suspicious in cemetery, person wanted to report after hearing about cemetery vandalism in Alexandria, 8th Avenue W.

Warning for suspended object, 1st Avenue W.

Patrol activity, Nokomis Street W.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Assist other agency, warrant pickup, male misdemeanor in Douglas County, no contact at residence, will attempt next day, Main Street E.

Assist other agency, warning for speed, Nokomis Street E.

November 10

School resource officer presentation, 1st Avenue E.

School resource officer time, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, transported, Main Street E.

Assist other agency, male and female arguing in vehicle, male took off with their 5-month-old child, unable to locate, 1st Avenue W, Carlos.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Theft, complaint of theft of items from shed, West Main Street.

Information, white work van and trailer parked by house, will be moved by morning, Oak Street W.

Medical, transported, 7th Avenue W.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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