Osakis Police Blotter: May 6-12

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May 6

Caller found a cat, contacted caller, W Main.

Caller wants to speak to officer about pressing charges against person, he will stop in later in the week and speak to an officer, E Lake.

Gray/black ATV traveling at high speed and driven by a male, ATV located, owner let a buyer test drive it, E Main.


May 7

Person smells a hot wire smell, unsure of issue and cannot get a hold of landlord, no covid symptoms, false alarm, W Main.

Vehicle unlock, elderly female, tow company unlocked prior to officer's arrival, 170th St.

ATV complaint, underage children operating ATV, spoke with parent who stated she understands and will no longer allow it, warning issued, Queen St.

Medical, 16 year old male in and out of consciousness but breathing, heart palpitations, groaning and clammy, no fever, chest pain, transported, E Nokomis.

Animal complaint, large dog with no collar followed her home and came after her, spoke with person about her dog and she stated that the collar was charging, W Queen.

Caller states her west facing window was broken by a rock thrown by a child who lives in the building, rock caused a hole, W Main.

CO alarm going off, caller is outside in her car, fire department checked residence, no signs of CO2 gas, CO detector was 16 years old and will be replaced, E 9th Ave.


Assist Todd County, complaint of people fishing without a license, turned over to Todd County Sheriff's Office upon their arrival and gave person a ride to his residence, 37/27.

May 8

Animal complaint, large dog with no collar, spoke with person about dog and she stated that the collar was charging, W Queen.

Medical alarm, no contact made on site, assisted with helping up, no injuries, W Queen.

Driving complaint, silver car has been driving erratic, CR 3/Hwy 27.

Medical alarm, spoke with female who said the neighbor fell and was a bit unresponsive, assisted in assessing and loading the patient, transported, E 2nd Ave.

Vehicle unlock, W Nokomis.

19 warnings for students with failing grades, school resource officer spoke to parents and students, Osakis and Sauk Centre.


Assist other agency, road rage, attempted to intercept 2 vehicles involved in road side assault, unable to locate, Todd County.

Civil matter, served a letter from the city to person and warned her not to threaten city employees any further, person called back and wanted to speak to officer, E Lake.

Recreational vehicle permit issued, W 7th Ave.

May 9

Issued ice cream coupon to young girl wearing a bike helmet, W 8th Ave.

Led a parade for family members around the block for a person who just got out of the hospital, Osage.

Assisted with traffic for funeral escort, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

School resource officer spoke with student about numerous failing grades, warning, CR 82.


Warning for over the fog line and center lines, no driver's license in possession, no proof of insurance, E 8th Ave/E Osage.

Warning for failure to yield to emergency lights, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

Medical, 23 year old female with pace maker fainted and was found on floor, assisted with assessment and loading, transported, W Main.

May 10

Medical, female fell and can't tell husband what is wrong, transported, W Oak.

School resource officer spoke with parents and son about failing grades, warning, Queen.

Welfare check on student, W Main.

Issued an ice cream cone to 3rd grade girl riding a bike with a helmet, W 3rd Ave.


May 11

Caller states she is unable to sell property due to neighbor's shed over property line, neighbors state that prior resident who is caller's sister gave them permission, neighbors are willing to move either the property line or the shed, E Lake.

Vehicle unlock, need car unlocked so she can get back into her house, could not unlock vehicle but was able to get into the residence, W 7th Ave.

May 12

Medical, 92 year old female with high blood pressure and confusion, transported, W Main.

Medical, male full code, unknown breathing, officer began CPR, assisted ambulance upon arrival, DOA, Dahlia Dr.

Identity theft, caller gathering information and will relay to police department, bank caught activity, no monetary loss, W 1st Ave.

Check welfare, person has been calling caller's office quite a bit lately, secretary stated concern as person was more upset than usual and crying, also wasn't making sense and became very upset, also mentioned harming herself, spoke with person who stated they were fine and didn't need any assistance, W Main.


Dog bite, occurred in Todd County, referred postmaster to county, W Main.

Application for permit to purchase handgun, E Nokomis.

About 11 teens hanging out down at the park by the school, unfounded, E Nokomis.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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