Osakis Police Blotter: July 8-14


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July 8

Warning for tail light violation, State Highway 27.

Funeral escort, 3rd Avenue W.

Warning for speed, 6th Avenue E.


Extra patrol, East Lake Street.

Public assist, caller thinks he left cabin door unlocked and is 3 hours away, door was secure, Lake Street.

Lost animal, mixed lab with blue collar, County 51.

Patrol activity, Lake Street.

Warning for headlight out, County Road 2 SE.

Warning for tail light, Calvary Road SE.

Citation for speed, motorcycle, 2nd Avenue E.

Patrol activity, Nokomis Street W.


Warning for no rear plate, State Highway 27.

July 9

Lost property, person may have left camera at Park Osagi, checked area, nothing found, Lake Street E.

Assist, report that utility workers are shutting off persons gas and he is yelling at them, installing new gas line and person would not move his vehicles and told workers to remove their equipment, Main Street W.

Child protection issue, 7th Avenue W.

Parking complaint, warning left for tabs and parking on street, 2nd Avenue E.

Public assist, gas drive off, person will call in and pay, Nokomis Street W.

Delivered council packets.


Medical, pendant push, false alarm, Main Street E.

July 10

Checked area and locked restrooms.

Door checks.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for failure to obey stop sign, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Checked area and locked restrooms.


Firecracker complaint, large fireworks in street.

Assist other agency, vehicle with no lights, County Road 82 SE.

July 11

Assist other agency, Ottertail County needs to get ahold of person, 1st Avenue E.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

Public assist, person is upset about boat not being released, Main Street W.

Public assist, gas drive off, owner will contact and pay, Nokomis Street W.

Updated fire sign.


Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, Highway 27.

Medical, transported, 8th Avenue W.

Medical, transported, Lake Street E.

Warning for tint and speed, 8th Avenue W.

July 12

Citation for speed on County Road 82, I-94.

Updating fire advisory sign at park, 1st Avenue E.


Gas drive off, Nokomis Street W.

Gas drive off, located person, person called in and paid, Nokomis Street W.

Vehicle unlock, Oak Street W.

Patrol, Lake Street.

Patrol, Nokomis Street W.

July 13

Patrol, 3rd Avenue W.

Found medical supplies on trail and returned to owner, bike trail.

Parking complaint, vehicle with expired tags and broken window parked on street, owner will move it soon, Pike Street W.

Public assist, male with dementia left building, Main Street W.

Nuisance violation, spoke with person regarding dog license, Main Street E.

Nuisance violation, left door hanger regarding dog license, 8th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, missing child, located, 170th Avenue.

Patrol, Pike Street E.

Patrol, Lake Street.

Citation for speed, 4th Avenue E.

Medical, transported, 4th Avenue W.

Patrol, Nokomis Street W.

Warning for failure to maintain lane, 27.

July 14

Pig on trail, owner found and picked up, County Road 3.

Fire alarm, false alarm, 8th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, 2 juvenile boys in bathroom burning paper.

Theft, caller reported her wallet was stolen, caller believes person took her money and tried to blame it on someone breaking into cars, Pike Street E.

High grass complaint, spoke with property owner and informed that city will mow if not done in 7 days, 7th Avenue W.

Information, caller wanted information listed in case there was an escalation, caller reported he just broke up and she has done minor damage to his home and is starting to harass him by phone, 1st Avenue W.

Checked area, locked restrooms.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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