Paid letter: Wenner is capable and compassionate to lead House District 8B

To the editor:

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom, do something about it!

Carol Wenner has always been one to not let it be. So in these times of trouble, Carol is running as the DFL candidate for Minnesota House District 8B. Please vote for Carol.

Carol's campaign slogan is capable and compassionate. Now how could you not vote for someone who is capable and compassionate? Carol's whole life has been defined by those words. She works at Kids Against Hunger Alexandria, has worked for the Chamber of Commerce, did fundraising and grant writing for the Knute Nelson Foundation, and volunteers for a variety of local activities such as United Way, Habitat for Humanity, children's sports and activities, and diversity and cultural inclusiveness programs. And in her spare time, she's just plain nice to people.

Nice and decent are words not often mentioned when discussing candidates for public office. Carol is so nice that when she encounters the Fat Boys Walking Club on the bike trail, she walks backwards to more easily carry on a conversation. Nice and decent are great qualities. Be nice. Vote for Carol.


Ruth and Tom Obert

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)

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