Paid letter: Look at the progress Trump made until COVID-19 hit

To the editor:

When voting this fall, envision our country where we can get together and work with each other and put an end to the violence that has been brought on by persons opposed to our president.

Democrats of the past would be ultra conservative and not the power hungry persons of today.

Most cities with hatred and riots are being run by Democrats who don’t want to talk to each other and work things out. We need to look at all the positive things that have been accomplished by President Trump while fighting impeachment for most of his term.

I realize people don’t like Trump because of some of the things he has said or done, but I think if we examine our own consciences there would be a lot of things we aren’t too proud of either.


You will probably remember that the Good Book tells us that the only person who was sinless, was crucified by a bunch of protestors. Look at the progress made until COVID-19 hit us.

If we get past this virus, we can pick up where we left off and continue on a positive journey. Keep the Faith and think positive.

Jim Korkowski

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)

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