Paid letter: Elect Wenner in House District 8B

To the editor:

Respected leadership in state government is important to citizens in House District 8B. The candidate who has the personal background and life experiences that will support the best interests of our area is Carol Wenner.

Carol’s family history, educational background, work experiences and community involvement have exposed her to multifaceted elements of this part of Minnesota. She was raised on a small farm and saw the daily challenges her family faced. Her education took her to a 20-year career in healthcare, giving her perspective on this industry so important to all Minnesotans. Her career then moved her to work with small businesses and nonprofits of our community, taking leadership roles in fundraising and local business support.

Carol can respectfully listen, analyze and make decisions based on the best evidence. This is what we should expect from a leader. Mary Franson’s recent votes against the bonding bill that would bring much needed infrastructure projects to our district shows that she puts partisan bickering over the needs of the people of Minnesota.

It is time to bring a unifying voice to District 8B. Please cast your ballot for Carol Wenner.


Ken and Jeanne Howell

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)

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