Letter: With rights come responsibilities

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To the editor:

They call it a right; and they indicate that it is the greatest right of all. If a person is under the age of 18, they generally need a parent to sign on to anything medical. As an exception to that, there is the Great Right. That is the right to kill the child within you.

Americans enjoy religious freedom, free speech, freedom of the press, and many other rights. We like to worship the way we want, or to not worship at all; to speak freely; and to write whatever we want. However, I have never heard anyone say, “I can’t wait to get my first abortion!” That is because the demand for this, “right,” is not about abortion. What these people want, is to avoid responsibility. They want to have sexual intercourse, knowing unprotected intercourse is how new humans are made, but to avoid the responsibility of pregnancy, giving birth, and having a child in this world. It should not be called a right to abortion; but rather a right to avoid responsibility for irresponsible intercourse.

I cannot blame people for wanting to have sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is wonderful. But both parties to the intercourse can ensure that they do not create a new human being. There are endless birth control measures, and most can be used together. There is also the common sense ability to prepare for the world, obtain a good job, save money, find the partner of your dreams, get married, practice intelligent sex, and have children when you want them and can afford them.

With rights come responsibilities. With responsibilities you get rights. We live in a time when people want the rights without the responsibilities. Someone always has to pay. It is sad when it is a little child.


Joel A. Novak
Alexandria, MN

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