Letter: Where has all the honesty gone?

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To the editor:

I was at the Alexandra movie theater last Friday night to see the 3:45 showing of The Jesus Revolution and left my wallet somewhere in the theater or the parking lot.
After that discovery when we got back home to Glenwood, I called both the theater and the restaurant where we ate to inquire if anyone had turned it in. No luck.
The next step was driving back to Alex to search the grounds and retrace my steps. No luck there either.
Back in Glenwood again, around 10 p.m., I came to the conclusion that my wallet, along with all its contents, was taken by someone else. Today I spent two hours canceling my cards and transferring all our online bills to a different card. Then, Monday it will be off to the the DMV to replace my driver’s license.
It’s not so much the money or the cards or the ID or the personal items that bother me; it’s the trust I had in our community that people would do the right thing. I know, I know. I should’ve taken more care to keep track of my wallet. But it still breaches a trust I had in this area compared to the Twin Cities where we moved from two years ago.
It seems like a sad sign of our times that doing the right thing is becoming less and less common. I hope the person who has my wallet finds that their need surpasses my privacy and security. I also hope that the honesty for all of us who live in this beautiful part of the state hasn’t been lost for good.

June Mattson
Glenwood, MN

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