Letter: What happened to common sense in government?

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To the editor:

After reading the front page of the Echo on May 21, it looks like some county officials just ignore what residents think, and go about what they want to do. I feel for the residents around Pilgrim Point and Ditch 6, because I know exactly what they're going through.

The residents in our area went through this about a year ago when we opposed the roundabout on County Road 40 and County Road 8. At that time, the county decided to have a "open house" instead of a hearing. In my view this was a way the county could get around having to document the views of residents and go by only the views of the county officials. It looks like they did the same thing on Pilgrim Point.

I found it amusing when reading the comments on County Ditch 6 when the ditch inspector said the reason the ditch wasn't draining was it needs repair. Who's responsible for the upkeep of these ditches? Oh it's the county. Douglas County has money to buy churches, lake property and build roundabouts, but doesn't seem to have funds to maintain ditches. It looks to me that they need to review what's really important to the people of this county.

I've had many conversations with county commissioners in the past and I always felt they understood my views and would take them into consideration, but somehow lately these projects seem to get railroaded in and "oh well, accept it folks."


Whatever happened to "common sense?" I think we've lost it at all levels of our government.

Rod Johnson

Alexandria, MN

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