Letter: What are our 'conservative' friends so afraid of in transgender issue?

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To the editor:

I have often wondered if my "conservative" friends get sick of being so afraid all the time. Of course there is an advantage to those who are trying to dupe you and manipulate you into doing what they want if they can make you afraid and get you to be angry.

People lose their minds and stop thinking rationally when they're afraid and angry. This is especially true lately in the area of trangender people. Rather than focus on helping youngsters to whom it is clear, often from a very early age, that they were born with the wrong physical gender, to grow and develop into the best version of themselves they can become, our
"conservative" friends allow others to make them afraid and angry at those youngsters. They cease to see them as children and adolescents just trying to find their way in the world and begin to see them as inhuman monsters who are a threat to "normal" people such as themselves.

It is clear to those who have carefully studied such things that those who are easily duped and manipulated in this way are reacting to their own repressed internal insecurities regarding their feelings of attraction and gender identity. Healthy people who are comfortable with their own gender identity and romantic attractions are never uncomfortable when others demonstrate differences with them. Regarding the possibility of swimming competitions turning out the way a recent letter writer was so afraid of, the number of transgender individuals is so low (about 5% of youngsters nationwide) that it's highly unlikely there would even be one transgender competitor, at a state tournament.

What are our "conservative" friends so afraid of? Themselves.


Greg Kapphahn
Alexandria, MN

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