Letter: We need a uniform rental inspection service, with teeth, in Douglas County

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To the editor:

I’m asking for your help to convince our legislators, county commissioners and township officers that we need a uniform county wide rental inspection service with teeth. So renters are automatically protected from bad landlords and properties that need improvements! Just like building permits give new homebuyers and remodelers safe housing.

I want the duplex I live at as a test case for real inspection. Done by our Alexandria and Horizon Public Health inspectors who can’t do it now. I also want to film the inspection process for broadcast on community and Selective TV for a public inspection of the inspectors. So all can see the inspection process and how problems presently are addressed or overlooked.

For the record, my landlord is waiting for Biden rental money from February until now. While shows many Alexandria businesses, professionals, churches, bible camps, nonprofits all receiving Biden bucks, so why not me?

Yet without inspection pressure applied to our leaders, good renters will continue to be told, “If you don’t like it get out,” allowing landlords to continue avoiding needed repairs and renters victimized! Remember, landlord rental units went up 10% just like your house did plus rent.


I’m also asking you county Democrats to see if you can get Walz and Ellison to look at my case before ending eviction protection, without a true path for new leases for good renters like me.

Getting Alexandria to annex all township properties that have ALP Power and sewer district connections can help as well.

Alan Roebke

Alexandria, MN

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