Letter: We are going to get through this; use your wits

To the editor:

Enough is enough. Tonight, I write trying to look through the fog of a pandemic, riots, protesters and a lack of federal leadership. Amid that chaos, innumerable people are demanding that their voices be heard. Meanwhile, people who lack the ability to understand the moment are taking advantage of it.

George Floyd should not have died. It’s that simple.

We are only going to get through this by recognizing that we are ONE. We are the human race. We may have disagreements, we may be politically different, we may look different, and we might not like each other. But, none of these excuses will justify what we are doing to ourselves right now.

I fully support the people who are protesting George Floyd’s death, and I hope that those officers are held responsible. But, I will not tolerate people who are taking advantage of this situation.


Some people who are angry want to de-fund law enforcement. This is a terribly ill-conceived idea. Unless you want to hire your own private security officer, you will have to deal with the chaos of a “anything goes” society on your own. No 911.

The governor is slowly opening up our state. Be patient. The sun is rising.

We are going to get through this. We have already learned a lot from it. Remain strong and use your wits.

Chad Larson

Douglas County Attorney

Alexandria, MN

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