Letter: We all need to take responsibility for our futures

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To the editor:

It would be hard to find someone that says they like freeloaders. Whether the suffering is from disease or poverty, most people have some empathy for others' suffering.

If an infant is fortunate enough to have a mother and father provide food, shelter, education and love until he/she grows up, there's a good chance the baby will become a productive part of society. Not all Americans are that fortunate.

When we become old enough to be on our own, most of us don't start at the highest paying or most satisfying job. Sticking with it improves the odds of getting to a point where an American can "retire." It involves hard work, discipline, a plan and a little luck. When we get "older," things can go wrong — accidents, injuries and medical issues. Hopefully when you get to that point, you've saved enough so you don't have to work.

What should become of those that didn't save for their own future? What should become of those with medical issues who don't have enough money to get proper treatment? Should their family or friends or the church take care of them?


I'm not saying we all deserve to retire to a great life. I'm saying any American that was able to contribute to their own future should have food, shelter and medical treatment. For those that don't have the foresight or discipline to save, what should be their fate? Starving? Freezing to death? Homeless? Be denied medical help?

We all need to take responsibility for our futures. We need to elect representatives that will require us to contribute to Social Security and Medicare so when we get old there will be help. Any politician that even hints at getting rid of these programs should never get your vote. No one likes freeloaders.

George Weatherwax
Alexandria, MN

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