Letter: Vaccine letter doesn't square with the facts

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To the editor:

(In response to Jill Brown’s May 7 letter, “Why give an experimental vaccine to children?”)

One of the dangers of our “tribal” society is that we refuse to believe “facts we don’t want to see.” For example, if I get my news primarily from one source, and my neighbors get their news from a different network, our perceptions of the truth are often distorted.

Let me illustrate this point. Ms. Brown believes that mRNA is a “new experimental vaccine” that “has never been used before.” She got that information from someplace. My research indicates the opposite: “While these vaccines use new technology, researchers have been studying them for decades.” ( )

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Simone Gold (not Simon), two sources used by Ms. Brown, claim that these vaccines are “experimental” and “cause death and autoimmune disease,“ but my research debunks both claims: "Before a vaccine can be made available to the public, explains Dr. Dirk Sostman, of Houston Methodist Medical College, “it has to undergo clinical trial testing — a multistep process that tests for both safety and effectiveness in three separate phases.” ( )


Do you see the problem? The biggest threat to America is, in the words of Jonathan Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania, “You and me and our refusal to look at the facts we don’t want to see.” So what are we to do? Here are a couple of suggestions: Let’s check out our sources before we share information; this might help prevent the spread of “fake news.” Let’s read the full articles and, finally, fact check our information.

Ruthie Schultz

Alexandria, MN

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