Letter: Thoughts on Third Ave. and Kenwood crossing

To the editor:

As a senior citizen walker and biker, I frequently cross Third Avenue, usually at the Kenwood Street intersection since there is at least an island in the middle to wait for passing of vehicles.

Some people do stop and I appreciate them doing so! (The two currently controlled intersections are useful, of course, but each has a right hand turn lane to cross as well as the four lanes.)

One option for traffic control at this intersection would be a manually activated stop sign. The walker or biker would press a button on the unit which would then activate a light that first would flash yellow towards oncoming traffic and then turn red for traffic to stop. A solar powered unit would be great.

I have come across this type of traffic control in other areas and they work very well, especially since they are “on demand” only. In addition to the Third and Kenwood intersection, other hard-to-cross areas are where the bike trail crosses McKay and where it crosses County Road 22.


When discussions occur, I hope there will be opportunity for community input into the options being considered.

Mary Smith

Alexandra, MN

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