Letter: Thanks for sharing diverse opinions on Critical Race Theory

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To the editor:

Recently two letters have appeared in the Echo Press: One written by Don Dreher on Friday, Aug. 13 and another letter by John Solheid, which appeared on Friday, Aug. 20.

In Mr. Dreher’s letter he states the reason Critical Race Theory is so “scary” to some people is that the social studies curriculum “has to show different viewpoints to all students, not to just some.”

In Mr. Solheid’s opinion piece, he writes that “a theoretical model that questions the very principles of our country’s founding document should not be the foundation of our social studies curriculum.”

Thanks to both of you for sharing your diverse opinions on CRT with the readers of the opinion page, and thanks to the Echo Press for giving its readers access to opinions so we can then do our own research and make an informed decision. Google Critical Race Theory on your own. Before we give voice to an opinion based on listening and reading one side of the issue, look at different points of view while keeping an open mind. Then you and I will have a more informed position from which to discuss any issue.


Ruthie Schultz

Alexandria, MN

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