Letter: Supreme Court needs enforceable ground rules; rethink lifetime appointments

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To the editor:

“Thank you” to Ayden Cook (May 13 letter, "Let's rebalance the Supreme Court by adding four new seats") for calling more attention to our Supreme Court. This is indeed a scary moment. Scarier, I think, than we could ever imagine. I don’t believe for a minute that they intend to stop with crushing Roe vs. Wade.

Congress passing the Judiciary Act would be a good start but that might not happen. Mitch McConnell and his Republicans have worked hard for many years to get a court like this one. This is what they want so I doubt they will vote to change it and who knows how the two wild-card Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, would vote — we may have to get more Democrats in Congress to make any progress here.

I think more needs to be done than just rebalancing the court. The court is self-governing, accountable to no one, not a good idea! Clarence Thomas did not recuse himself from an opinion where the actions of his wife were a part of the subject. That is unacceptable behavior, but no one called him out on it. They need some enforceable ground rules. And maybe we should re-think the lifetime appointment. That’s too much job security and it hasn’t kept the court from becoming the partisan body it is today, which I believe, is what was originally intended.

Members of Congress who participated in the screening of these people for the court are now saying that the judges lied to them to gain their approval.


Maybe people were more honorable and trustworthy back in the days when the Supreme Court was established but you can’t assume that about people these days; most of the members of our current court are proving that.

Edith Waller

Alexandria, MN

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