Letter: Stand up against snake-oil theories and protect our children

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To the editor:

In an editorial in the Sept. 1 Echo Press, Rep. Paul Anderson commends schools that open without mask mandates. He is literally commending schools to harm children.

Haven’t politician’s done enough damage to people’s health? Over 640,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and now 1,500 deaths a day. Survivors have long-term effects that now include kidney damage. Most cases could be avoided by now with simple masking and vaccines.

I commend the school leaders who do impose mask mandates. You will be saving lives.

Four conservative radio-talk show hosts who promoted their deceptive anti-science views died from COVID-19 recently.


Conservatives who have extolled the American medical industry as the best in the world are now promoting doubt on medical science and are accepting snake oil theories.

It’s unconscionable that our local politicians or school leaders will go down that road with so many kids’ lives at risk.

Also, the law is clear on parental rights. The Supreme Court has ruled that parents are not free “to make martyrs of their children” by putting them in harm’s way. Governments can and do limit parents’ discretion with the goal of protecting the health,safety and welfare of children. Child safety seats in autos is one example of laws protecting children.

It’s time for leaders to stand up against the political nonsense and snake oil theories and protect children and the public.

Bruce Kakac.

Alexandria, MN

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