Letter: Socialist communists are desperately trying to destroy our country

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To the editor:

Ironic, the repeal of Roe v Wade occurring as the debate continues about murdering babies after being born (remember Ralph Northam). For some, gruesome late term partial birth abortions weren’t enough. What is next, the establishment of death panels (mentioned during the Obama years) to decide who lives and who dies? Unthinkable? No, not for the Godless, socialist communists who are desperately trying to destroy our country as we know it.

As the grandparents of a beautiful 21-year-old granddaughter born to a single mom, we couldn’t be more proud of our daughter for choosing life. Among our happiest memories were helping to care for this little child while her mother worked and attended college. There was the amazing fascination in her face and eyes as she took in for the first time, the beauty of nature on a balmy spring day. There were trips around our block, pulling her in her little wagon, her first steps, her first ice cream cone, catching her first fish and so much more. I don’t know how much more blessed we could have been. The blessings continue. The highlight of our day is her daily call to us, wanting to know what we are doing and telling us about the ups and downs of her day.

If some women want abortions for whatever reason, they will find a legal and safe way. We can only hope that they will consider the many other options to this possibly, future, regrettable decision. We hope they will make the same decision that our daughter made — choosing life instead of the dark end of what could have been a beautiful life and story.

Ken Krueger
Alexandria MN

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