Letter: Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen defunds Minnesota natural resources

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To the editor:

Sen. Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, is at it again, using his Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee role to do anything except act as a steward of Minnesota’s natural resources. Now it seems, he’s ready to close down our state parks. Brilliant! I’m not sure how he squares this with his recent claim to avoid “…putting too much of a burden on Minnesotan families.” Looks like the gloves are off and he doesn’t care about us, as long as he gets his way.

It’s not surprising that Sen. Ingebrigtsen is resorting to such threats. He obviously hates the fact that Minnesota voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment establishing the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to support Minnesota’s natural resources. After all, it’s intended to keep these funds out of the hands of arrogant legislators! He’s gone full-bore after this constitutionally-approved channel to increase his influence over not just our desired intent for these funds, but also to register his dissent against other matters.

Now, he’s threatened to defund the DNR, the Board of Water and Soil Resources, the Minnesota Zoo, the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Natural Resources (that administers the Natural Resources Trust Fund), the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the MPCA – all because of his aversion to addressing the challenges of climate change.

If he continues to hold our natural resources hostage to his preferences rather than considering the good of our state, what next might he decide he’s against?


Those who wish for a return to legislative maturity and reasoned compromise see Sen. Ingebrigtsen’s actions for what they are – bold-faced bullying, a refusal to respect our constitution, and disregard for Minnesota voters in his quest for influence.

Mike Anders

Alexandria, MN

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