Letter: Roundabout at CR 40/8 is unnecessary waste of money

To the editor:

Douglas County commissioners, at the last meeting, voted to approve engineering on “improving,” installing a roundabout at the intersection of County Roads 40 and 8.

The last time this came up was a couple of years ago and it was defeated mainly because of the strong opposition to a roundabout there. At that time, the decision was made to put in rumble strips and flashing signs instead.

How many issues at that intersection have occurred since? How can it be said there is no opposition to the roundabout when the public is just learning of this project. That is wrong and a statement that has no merit as the public was/is unaware of this proposal.

That intersection does not merit that type of expenditure as the safety issues at that intersection are simply driver responsibility. A roundabout will not help that. I drive that daily and have not witnessed any accidents or near accidents in years.


The money to install this roundabout would be wasted as it is not needed. Just because there is “grant money” available does not mean Douglas County must apply for it. It is our, the public’s, tax dollars that are being spent and the public should have input. I say “No.”

Please reconsider wasting money on this unnecessary project!

Bonnie Huettl

Alexandria, MN

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