Letter: Republicans are united against working families

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To the editor:

Republicans are all in with passing restrictive voting laws and supporting Trump’s authoritarian government. Showing a utility bill to let you vote for the last at least 60 years is not good enough for Republicans because of Donald Trump’s asserting (in June) before the November election, that, " If I lose the election, it will be rigged." So, Minnesota Republicans are promoting the "big lie" by voting for stricter voting standards, joining a wave across the country.

Seven out of 10 Republicans don't think President Biden is legitimate. Therefore, they whitewash Trump’s attempted coup to overthrow the government on Jan. 6 using his supporters. They consider the insurrectionists patriots. These included white supremacists militia groups, active military and active law enforcement personnel from across the country.

Sen. Paul Gazelka said that reforming law enforcement was not a priority. It obviously is not as he and Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen represent districts that are over 90% white and live in counties that are over 97% white. Since they don't live in diverse neighborhoods, they don't see a problem. Making threats on the budget is Gazelka's form of governance.

It’s not hard to know what their priorities are. Ingebrigtsen talks about putting a burden on working families. Cutting taxes on the wealthy, deregulation, using the excuse that unemployment insurance benefits are the reason why people won't work, supported by the chamber of commerce. Republicans fully support this anti-union and anti-worker business funded organization. This is a burden for working families.


John Snell

Farwell, MN

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