Letter: Remember Rep. Franson's comments in next election

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To the editor:

Many thanks to Jared Rubado for his column (April 9 “It’s Jared’s Turn”) pointing out some of the errors of Rep. Franson. As he states, she should get the information right before spouting off.

This is not the only time she has "lied" or brought forth false information, hoping the public won't catch it. And yes, Jared is right, she is an embarrassment to us,

Other examples of her stupid comments was telling a group of Alexandria High School Democrats who asked to meet with her that, "Oh I don't meet with Democrats." She is only a representative for Republicans? Once again, misinformed. She better read her job duties. She also has called people who are on welfare ANIMALS. We need someone with professionalism representing us, and tragically Franson is not that.

Please remember in the next election. We deserve better.


Bev Bales

Alexandria, MN

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